Strongest Marijuana Strains to Try in 2020

strongest marijuana strains 2020
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One of the primary differences in the cannabis of yesteryear and the cannabis you get these days is the THC content in your buds. Even a decade back most cannabis strains came with an average THC percentage of 5%- 6% but the legalization of weed for recreational and therapeutic purposes has prompted the search for the strongest marijuana strains with a substantially high percentage of THC. Although the strains we have listed below are by no means ‘new’ strains for 2020, but rather the most potent strains created by expert breeders which come with the highest THC content.

• Chemdawg

Rumoured to be a cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, Chemdawg with its THC content between15%- 20% is one of the top favorite strains among veteran users. This full-bodied hybrid gives an instant rush of cerebral energy which can overwhelm the new user. What makes it different from Sour Diesel its parent strain is the remarkable body melt it produces. The pungent smell of Chemdawg will remind you of diesel fuel. If you are looking forward to spacing out on a weekend or at the end of a hectic day then look no further.

• Strawberry Cough

A creation of weed pioneer Kyle Kushman, Strawberry Cough can come with a THC percentage as high a 22.98%. It is characterized by a pungent strawberry smell and several users often term it as one of the most potent sativa strains on the planet. It is ideal for users who want to feel deep elation and euphoria with just a few puffs. Strawberry Cough offers the sweetness of tropical berries rightly combined with a mild hint of grass and earth. However, make sure to keep a bottle of water handy since this one is surely going to make you cough with each inhalation.

• White Tahoe Cookies

The first indica dominant strain on our list of strongest cannabis strains, White Tahoe Cookie is a celebrated hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and The White. An extremely well-liked strain on the West Coast, WTC has a THC content of around 27%. Each little WTC bud is richly coated with little white crystal trichomes and on breaking they give off an aroma of nutty citrus and hashish. It has loads of therapeutic properties and is often prescribed for treating insomnia, loss of appetite, pain, inflammation and nausea. It produces an instant feeling of relaxation and euphoria along with a very enjoyable body high which slowly converts into a sedative feeling. The long-lasting high produced by this strain makes it a perfect choice during your off day or vacation.

• Black Gorilla

Black Gorilla is a slightly indica dominant strain that is made up of 60% indica and 40% sativa. A hybrid of Bright Berry and Gorilla Glue #4, this strain is known for its enduring effects and can be an amazing companion in times when you need some extra help for a good night’s sleep. Within a few puffs, you’ll get to feel a little heaviness which quickly spreads from your head to your entire body gently lulling you to sleep. Known primarily for its couch locking effects, this one can come with a THC percentage as high as 32%. The tight sticky buds of Black Gorilla releases a sweet berry-like aroma while the flavor comes with a deep chocolate overtone with a hint of fruit and fresh berries.

• The White

The White aka Triangle is an indica heavy hybrid weed strain that has a THC level between 25% to 30%. Remarkable for its thick layer of trichome, The White is all about a super-strong cerebral buzz that sets in real fast. Often used for treating patients of ADHD and ADD, The White will make your body sedentary without affecting your capacity to think. This powerhouse indica is reported to be a thought provoking strain the reason why it’s a favorite among users with a creative mindset.

• Blue Dream

Loved by patients and recreational smokers alike, Blue Dream aka Azure Haze is one of the strongest marijuana strains which is slightly sativa dominant. Known for its stellar flavor and mind-blowing psychoactive effects, this cannabis strain can have a THC content of up to 24%. Blue Dream induces a sense of wellbeing and happiness and takes you to a super relaxed state leaving you feeling cheerful, motivated and absolutely calm. However, users with anxiety or paranoia should not go for this one since it can aggravate the pre-existing conditions. The versatility of the effects it produces makes it readily available on the shelves of any reputable weed shop in Canada or the US. This is why it is also referred to by weed connoisseurs as a ‘medicine cabinet essential’ and any cannabis enthusiast should definitely have a snap of Blue Dream available at home.

• Godfather OG

Dubbed as the Dog of all OG strains, Godfather OG definitely lives up to its name. A compelling hybrid of XXX OG and Alpha OG, Godfather OG has a THC level up to 28%. When you are on the lookout for the strongest marijuana strains, there is nothing better to satiate your cravings than a bud of Godfather OG. However, this strain is not the least recommended for beginners because of its extremely high THC content. Godfather OG hits real hard and places you into deep relaxation giving you a perfect sleep. Best consumed before you hit the bed, smoking too much of this can cause paranoia and dizziness.

There are numerous other weed strains that can be termed as strongest cannabis strains and in this list we have only included the most popular ones which are favored by all kinds of users. In conclusion, it needs to be said, that new users should refrain from using the above mentioned strains and should instead go for strains with a medium or low THC content and preferably a high CBD content. Those of you who have experience with this wonder drug should immediately visit your nearest Canadian weed dispensary and check out some of these strains.

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