Hybrid Strains – The Best Marijuana to Use for 2020

Marijuana Hybrid Strain
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Thousands of different marijuana hybrid strains with unique names such as Jilly Bean, White Widow, Dutch Retreat, Blue Dream and others are currently dominating the global marijuana market. Due to their varied genetic makeups, different hybrid cannabis strains give you very different effects. They also look and smell quite different from each other. You can compare the differences between various hybrid weed strains to different varieties of beer hops or wine grapes. All the varieties belong to the same plant genus, except that they are bred differently. Being a regular marijuana user, you need to have a clear understanding of how marijuana hybrid strain is bred, different varieties of hybrid strains available in the market as well as their effects on the human body and brain. This post will explain to you what the hybrid strains actually are and what makes them so popular in the marijuana community today.

What is a hybrid cannabis strain?

There are mainly two types of cannabis species in nature – cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Hybrid strains are basically cross-breeds of sativa and indica strains. From the 1960s at least, cannabis cultivators in the US and Canada have been mixing mold-resistant sativas from the equatorial countries with quick-flowering subtropical indica plants to create more potent and viable commercial strains for the market. Hybrid marijuana strains contain the best properties and genetic characteristics of their parent strains in them. Due to centuries of cross-breeding practices, many cannabis experts say, no pure species of sativa or indica exist today. All the varieties available to us are hybrids – whether indica dominant, sativa dominant or a balanced mix of the two.

Different types of hybrid strains

There are a variety of hybrid strains available in the market. Some of them are crossbreeds between two different sativa or indica strains. Others are a mix of the two species. Sometimes hybrid strains can contain the genetics of a third and more uncommon variety of cannabis – ruderalis in them. Depending on their genetic traits, hybrid strains can be classed as sativa dominant, indica dominant, and evenly balanced hybrids that have an equal mix of the two. Depending on the genetic content of their parent species, the hybrid strains produce very different types of effects or ‘highs’. Being an equal mix of sativa and indica, the balanced hybrids produce a combination of both mind and body sensations. The sativa heavy strains will give you more of a euphoric cerebral high and are therefore perfect for daytime consumption. The indica dominant strains, on the other hand, are known for their couch-locking, full-body relaxing and sedating effects. This makes them more suited for night time uses.

Different hybrid strains have different cannabinoid profiles

The varied effects of different hybrid strains are not simply a result of their unique sativa-indica genetics. The types of high or the medicinal benefits of the hybrid strains largely depend on their particular cannabinoid contents and terpene profiles. As studies suggest, various cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBC, CBG or THCV present in all types of cannabis determine the effect of a strain. While THC is a psychoactive compound that is responsible for the energetic head-high, CBD produces full-body relaxation and sedative effects. Hybrid strains with varying amounts of THC-CBD are produced to make them effective for different recreational or therapeutic needs of the users. You can find THC-heavy, CBD-heavy or THC-CBD evenly balanced strains in the market. Due to their customized THC-CBD contents, hybrid strains are much more effective in treating a variety of medical conditions.

Why should you use hybrid marijuana?

• Best of both worlds

The hybrid strains can bring you the best of both worlds. Taking on the genetic traits of both sativa and indica, they give you a combination of euphoric head-high and a mellow full-body relaxation. If you are looking for an exact middle ground between the two extreme experiences associated with sativa and indica varieties, choose any of the 50/50 sativa-indica balanced strains.

• High potency

Cannabis cultivators often crossbreed two or more top strains to create a new, more potent strain. For example, two popular sativa-heavy strains, Blue Dream and Super Silver Haze,were combined to create a more powerful and fast-hitting strain like the Super Blue Dream.

• Best for the beginners

The newcomers to the marijuana scene often have no idea about what exactly they are looking for. If you don’t know how you want the marijuana to make you feel, go for the cannabis hybrid strains which will give you a moderate experience of both type of highs.

• A variety of choices

There are currently thousands of hybrid cannabis strains with uniquely different genetic makeup and cannabinoid-terpene profiles to cater to the varied preferences of the consumers. The multitude of options makes finding the right cannabis strain for everyone’s unique needs and purposes very easy. If you want to increase your focus and energy, try a sativa dominant marijuana hybrid strain with moderately high THC content. Looking for stress-relief, full relaxation of body and mind or a good sleep at night, indica-heavy hybrid strains are ideal for you.

• Medicinal benefits

Due to their customized THC/CBD contents, designer hybrid strains are highly effective in alleviating specific health conditions as well as mental disorders. CBD-high hybrid marijuana strains, for example, are very useful in managing pains and seizures. Similarly, THC-dominant strains can help patients fighting symptoms of depression, pain, inflammation and loss of appetite.

Sativa-heavy, indica-heavy or evenly balanced – it is the genetic makeup of a particular marijuana hybrid strain that determines its effects and healing properties. Before you consume a hybrid strain, it is, therefore, necessary to check out its genetics. Try a little of all the three varieties we talked about to find out which one suits you the most. Remember our bodies and brains can react to the same strain quite differently. To be on the safe side, you can always consult a medical professional or a cannabis expert to understand what is best for you.

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