Best Hybrid Strains 2020: Purest and Strongest Sativa Plants

Best Hybrid Strains
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Best Hybrid Strains 2020

There are now many well-known and popular hybrid strains. Mostly, the best sativa-dominant hybrids contain no less than 15% THC content. They are best for daytime use.
With so many strains of cannabis, it is sometimes hard for us to choose the best strains for consumption due to various reasons.

So, we have compiled some of the best hybrid strains (sativa-dominant hybrids) for you.

Ghost Train Haze

It is one of the strongest strains on earth as stated in the High Times.  Considered as best hybrid strains, Ghost Train Haze #1 is a high-energy, sativa-dominant hybrid and the predecessor of Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG. With frosty, dense buds, it usually contains up to 28% THC.

This strain grows more quickly than most of the sativa-dominant hybrids with only just an 8-9 week flowering period.
Ghost Train Haze #1 usually develops a high amount of crystals which is the basis of the “sugar leaf” strain. This is great for growers who don’t have time to trim or farmers that create concentrates out of trim leaves.

This strain is an energetic, high-yielding sativa-dominant hybrid that has a yield of 800-900 g/plant outdoors and a 550-600 g/m2 if grown indoors. It is rated 8/10 in terms of mold resistance.
Even if it is not the strain with the strongest aroma, Ghost Train Haze #1’s flavor is soft and comforting with a detailed aroma. Exotic fruit and haze flavor goes well with its kushy scent.

Giggles and immediate “high” are the effects of Ghost Train Haze #1
For getting the best results when growing this strain, it is advisable to keep buds from getting wet.


Chernobyl is an eye-catching strain and is considered to be one of the best sativa-dominant hybrids. Bred by TGA Subcool Seeds, this sativa-dominant strain develops buds with a strong citrusy aroma that usually contains up to 30% THC content.

This exceptional Chernobyl strain has a good response to cropping methods and plant-training, unlike other sativa-dominant hybrids. In short, it is suitable for an indoor cultivator.
With its 80:20 sativa to indica ratio, this strain can grow like a tree if grown outside.Even with Chernobyl’s sativa and indica ratio, this strain develops a gluey, musty bud.

Chernobyl if grown indoors, usually have yields of 400 g/m2 and an impressive 600+ g/plant. This strain will thrive in high-temperatures with a moderate humidity environment and has an excellent mold resistance.

Chernobyl’s flavor is like a strong fruity lime candy and during its late flowering stage, Chernobyl’s dank and potent buds have a unique coloration.
This strain grows more quickly than most of the sativa-dominant hybrids with only just an 8-9 week flowering period.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the best hybrid strains (sativa-dominant hybrids) that were in demand in the ’90s, because of its known fast-acting, powerful high with its stinky sweet, bright-green buds.
The seeds make the best sativa-dominant hybrid; they grow into uniform, and structured plants. They grow more slowly than today’s sativa-dominant hybrids plants. It can be harvested 9-10 weeks after flowering.

It is one of the well-known stable seed lines for breeders Sour Diesel is mostly grown outdoors, the reason for this is it can have significant yields because Sour Diesel can grow into multi-pound bushes. It is tall and lanky in appearance, so growing this strain indoors will require training or constant topping to control its height.

Sour Diesel produces stinky, resinous buds, so odor control methods are needed. A skunky diesel scent with a hint of sweetness complements the dankness of Sour Diesel flavor. With Light-green buds that have a 22% THC content with a strong energetic “high”, this sativa-dominant hybrid is one to try out.

G13 Haze

G13 Haze is a crazy looking hybrid strain that is one of the best sativa-dominant hybrids derived from the mix of the G13 strain with the sativa Haze.
G13 is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 80:20 sativa to indica ratio. Similar to Central America and Thai native sativa genetics, this strain grows elongated buds.

The colas of G13 plants can grow big even with the crazy bud formation.
G13 has yields of 500-700 g/m2 indoors and when grown outside, it can have a notable 2+kg yield. The foamy buds of this strain have good airflows that make the G13 one of the best mold resistant sativa-dominant hybrids.

Fruity, tropical, and an earthy flavor, G13 has strong, high psychoactive effects and effects can be felt immediately. This strain has a 20% THC content.


At a railway junction, a Thai train, a Mexican and an Afghan have collided head-on resulting in a trainwreck. It is considered as one of the best sativa-dominant hybrids with an 18-25% THC content

With its 90:10 sativa to indica ratio, Trainwreck grows bushier and aggressively faster than other sativas while still holding height potential.

Trainwreck has a moderate yield of buds and farmers prefer to grow large amounts of Trainwreck plants other than growing big ones.
The buds of Trainwreck are light-green in color with shades of gray. Trainwreck’s scent is like a newly ground pepper in the middle of a pine forest and offers a compelling high.


The predecessor of Illustiu’s Cinderella 99, Grapefruit is a sweet sativa-dominant hybrid with a splendid cerebral high that produces fruity buds that have a good 20% THC content.
Grapefruit is a bit meticulous sativa-dominant hybrid that doesn’t even require a lot of nutrients. With its short stature, this strain is a 75% sativa and is a suitable strain for regular medical marijuana farmers. Thus, the reason it made to our list of best hybrid strains of 2020.

Grapefruit has moderate yields and a faster grower than other sativas which can be harvested 8 weeks after flowering. This strain has yellow leaves and develops a purple and red hint during its late flowering stage.

It thrives indoors and outdoors and has a reasonable mold-resistance. It is considered to be one of the best sativa-dominant hybrids.
As its name suggests, Grapefruit has an energetic bud with a citrusy tropical flavor and aroma suitable for stress relief.


As you have read the different characteristics of each of the mentioned best hybrid strains, you can observe that most of the best of sativa-dominant hybrids offer an energetic high.

These strains are great for daytime use and stress relief.

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