What Makes Pink Kush, Tahoe OG kush, White widow, Black Domina Strains Special

Pink Kush
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What makes pink kush, tahoe OG kush, white widow, black domina strains special? Learn more about their characteristics, uses and more in this detailed review!
Let’s take a look at each strain one by one.

Pink kush

The origin of Pink Kush is unknown but it is said that it is the descendant of the well-known OG Kush. An indica dominant hybrid with a 90/10 ratio.

Pink Kush was brought unto the scene and soon became famous with its pink and purple hues and became one of the favorite strains of marijuana consumers in Canada, especially for medical cannabis patients.

Pink Kush was brought into this world when professional breeders decided to hybridize OG Kush with some unusual varieties.

Technically, Pink Kush is still an OG Kush, but it has been stabilized for its effects and unique scents.

This strain emits a strong pine aroma with an essence of garden flowers with a hint of a tree bark aroma.

When smoked, these buds taste like sweet berries and vanilla, with fair flowery hints pleasingly linger in your mouth.

The flowers of Pink Kush have engulfed with its trichomes that the buds are like sugar-coated in appearance.

Pink Kush usually contains about an average 20% THC, typically produce dense flowers and is preferably grown in a low-humidity environment.

Many consumers find this vanilla-flavored Kush to be an effective relief for insomnia, pain, and sleep disorders.

Tahoe OG Kush

First introduced by Ganja Guru in 1980 who lived in Lake Tahoe.

Today the strain usually inclines Indica, but depending on the grower, this strain may also lean Sativa.

This is one of the famous Kush in The OG Kush family that bears with a moss-colored, bit-size with dark amber pistil buds.

Tahoe OG Kush’s aroma can be fruity or citrusy with hints of fresh, pungent pine cones. Truly a sweet-smelling bud.

Tahoe OG Kush tastes astonishingly smooth, it gets as tasty as its aroma. This strain will make you recall about pines cones, with a strong spicy and woody note. It comes with a lemony flavor just like a lemon zest electrifying your taste buds.

You will seek this strain if you want some numbing and calming sensations.

Tahoe OG Kush provides a heavy “brain-high” especially in the frontal lobes, behind the eyes specifically.

It starts with a numbing effect when inhaled that circulates the body. Comes with relaxation with the feeling of euphoria with increased creativity.

Tahoe OG Kush gives you relief in muscle spasm and pain. Give you an uplifted feeling as an anti-anxiety aid.

When smoked, it lasts up to 3 hours with a relaxing feeling throughout your day.

This rangy yet medium-width plant can be harvested around 70 days after flowering and can yield from moderate to high crops.

If grown indoors, this strain takes about 8 to 9 weeks to flower. Indoor growing of Tahoe OG Kush can yield up to 11 ounces per square meter.

Outdoor growing is suited for Tahoe OG Kush, can be harvested mid-October and this strain can yield up to 11 ounces per plant.

Growing outdoor or indoor is suitable for Tahoe OG Kush.

White Widow

One of the most famous cannabis strains all around the world today. A resinous sativa dominant hybrid.

White Widow became popular around the world since it was first introduced. This strain won many awards, like the 1995 High Time Cannabis Cup.

This strain is famous for its resinous and potent buds.

White Widow is typically associated with various growers. And today, almost every seed bank has its variants of this plant.

Two parties argue about who discover White Widow, some say this strain was discovered by Ingemar while others say it was Shantibaba.

Although the White Widow’s genetics is still unknown, it is greatly used in medical and recreational activities.

White Widow is a cross of a resinous South Indian indica and a Brazilian sativa landrace.

White widow is frequently seen in coffee shops in Amsterdam since it was discovered in the 1990s.

One of the strains that bear astonishing, delightful buds and is still used to breed other strains for vigor and potency.

White Widow was named “White” because of its resinous content and tends to not fully colored when harvest time.

White Widows smells like musky sandalwood, exotic tropical fruity berry with complex hints of hemp spice and putrid qualities.

However, White Widow’s flavor is less exciting as the fruitiness taste in your mouth is being washed away by its hashy smoke.

White Widow’s bud is covered in white sugar-like resin that provides an energizing euphoric feeling.

It makes you engage in conversation with increased activity.

This strains helps with your stress, relieve you from pain and gives you euphoria for anti-anxiety.

White widows can be usually can be harvest around 8 week’s period of flowering.

Black Domina

An indica dominant hybrid strain with midnight-like dark colors.

This was bred by one of the world’s leading breeders, by merging four of their own finest and potent Afghanica cannabis strains. This results in the combination of Afghani SA, Northern Lights,

Hash Plant, and Ortega.

As a result, they produced this potent Black Domina.

Sensi Seeds called this hybrid Black Domina because it was intended to be grown indoor especially for indoor hydroponics.

Black domina is a 95% indica, though it is not a stable strain, it can be grown outdoors.

It emits such a peppery and spicy aroma with earthy and nutty undertones with hints of citrus.

When smoked, it leaves a spicy, woody, peppery way with hints of citrus.

Most consumers of White Widow says that this strain gives you a euphoric uplifted feeling in the few first hits.

Because this strain is indica dominant, White Widow is ideal for nighttime use. It gives you an overwhelming numbness that brushed your body which let sleepiness and relaxation take over you.

Insomniacs are the ones who are the consumer of this strain.

White widows are mainly consumed for relief of anxiety, depression, and stress, although it can alleviate pain, nausea, migraines and severe aches.

If grown indoors, it is recommended that to be hydroponically grown with a good grow light.

Its flowering period is only up to 50 days and can yield up to 14 to 16 ounce per square meter.

If grown outdoors, it might survive but cannot produce desired yet. With a yield of only 14 ounces per plant.

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