2019 Novel Coronavirus and Cannabis – Does Marijuana Kill the virus?

2019 novel coronavirus and cannabis
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For the last few months, a major outbreak of novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) disease in many nations has created a global panic. Since the reporting of the first case from Wuhan, China in December last year, there have been over 95,000 confirmed cases of 2019 novel coronavirus attack all over the world. Among all the western countries, Italy is the worst hit. It had to quarantine 11 towns with a population of over 50,000 people to stop the further spread of COVID-19. In the US, 11 people have already died from the disease. As of this month, at least 33 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Canada. Fear of the epidemic has gripped every aspect of public life with schools being closed and crowd events or functions canceled.

What is fuelling the public hysteria is that there is no cure for the 2019 novel coronavirus. Scientists and medical labs are yet to come up with therapy or a drug that can directly cure the disease which is completely new in human history. Instead, doctors and healthcare professionals are relying on a system of supportive care to treat the associated symptoms of the disease. In the absence of a proper targeted medical treatment for novel coronavirus, there has been much talk about alternative medicines or therapies. This has led many medical marijuana enthusiasts to enquire about 2019 novel coronavirus and cannabis. Recently, a post has been circulating on Instagram which claimed that weed can kill the virus. Is it true? Can medical cannabis be an effective cure for COVID-19? Keep reading this post to know all about 2019 novel coronavirus and cannabis.

What is novel coronavirus 2019?

symptoms of coronavirus
symptoms of coronavirus

2019 novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease that can cause mild to more serious health disorders. According to the World Health Organization, more common symptoms of the disease include cold, cough, shortness of breath and fever. In severe cases, COVID-19 can cause acute respiratory disorders, pneumonia, kidney failure and even death.
The virus spreads from person to person through the respiratory droplets coming out of the nose and the mouth during coughs or exhalations. As the medical experts suggest, people who have pre-diagnosed illnesses as well as older persons are more vulnerable and are likely to develop severe conditions from the disease.
Since the discovery of the first case in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, medical labs and scientists all around the world have been tirelessly searching for a cure. They are yet to come up with a drug that can cure the virus itself. Till now, the treatment of the 2019 novel coronavirus patients is restricted to giving a supportive care for relieving the secondary symptoms like cough, cold, fever, respiratory problems etc. and boosting the immune system.

2019 novel coronavirus and cannabis – can weed really cure the disease?

Due to the absence of specialized treatment of novel coronavirus 2019, the social media rumor mill has been spreading some incredible claims about possible preventive measures and cures for the disease. One of these fantastical claims involves 2019 novel coronavirus and cannabis. As there has been mounting evidence of the various therapeutic values of marijuana in recent times, some people are beginning to believe that it can kill the COVID-19 virus as well. To burst their bubble, no, it is simply not true! There is no single evidence, either anecdotal or scientific-research based, to support this claim. The World Health Organization has specifically warned against smoking or any other form of self-medication to treat coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC in the USA has repeatedly affirmed that there is ‘currently no vaccine to prevent’ or ‘no specific antiviral treatment’ for COVID-19. Given that, cannabis is never the solution for the disease.

2019 novel coronavirus and cannabis – tips for marijuana users during the outbreak

While there is absolutely no evidence of cannabis being a cure for novel coronavirus, we can still share some tips for marijuana users so that they can stay healthy during this global outbreak of the disease. Here are a few precautions that we think are necessary in these trying times:

2019 novel coronavirus and cannabis

• Marijuana doesn’t kill COVID-19

Don’t buy the rumors spreading in the social media. Marijuana, CBD or any other alternative medicine cannot cure 2019 novel coronavirus. If you have the symptoms common to the disease, go see a doctor instead of self-medicating.

• Stop sharing joints

As the novel coronavirus spread through the respiratory droplets, saliva from the mouth and even touch can infect a person. Passing a joint around friends, therefore, presents a high chance of catching the disease. For now, don’t share your joint with anyone and avoid going to the parties.

• Wash your hands and avoid physical contact

As doctors all over the world are emphasizing, the simple act of washing your hands, again and again, can prevent the transmission of novel coronavirus 2019. Every time you touch your marijuana supply, wash your hands for 20 seconds before doing it. Avoid shaking hands with people or any other unnecessary physical contact for now.

• It’s better to stay away from weed while ill

If you develop symptoms like cold, cough and flu, it is better to stop using weed for a while. Inhaling hot, harsh smoke can be harmful to your lungs which are already suffering from respiratory issues. So, we recommend that you strictly avoid marijuana smoking if you are suffering from cold and flu-like symptoms.

Though medical cannabis has been proven effective for a variety of medical conditions and mental issues, unfortunately, novel coronavirus is not one of them. Do not believe all those outlandish claims circulating on social media about 2019 novel coronavirus and cannabis or CBD being the magical cure for it. Don’t waste time in self-medication, go see a doctor if you develop symptoms like common cold or flu. On the contrary, be extremely cautious with cannabis smoking around COVID-19.

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