What to Look For in a M.O.M. (Mail Order Marijuana) Canada

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Buying weed online is a new process, right?  Something that a lot of us only dreamed about, for a very long time.  And now that it’s here, and we can browse through pages and pages of different online dispensaries, offering cannabis products ranging from edibles to extracts at what can seem at first to be astonishingly low prices, we don’t really know what to do with ourselves.  And that’s alright.  Everything’s happening so quickly.  Here’s a handy guide to purchasing your cannabis products online to help you to avoid the most frequently heard complaints, and obtain the hottest M.O.M. possible.

Information Quality

The quality of the information about the flower, hash or extract which you are buying should be high, and of a clear and accessible presentation.  You should be informed of the strain, its lineage, and preferably at least some of its cannabinoid content, along with information relating to the growing and curing processes.  There are many websites available online to aid in the research of different strains if your dispensary does not offer much information regarding chemical compounds, and a growing number of peer-reviewed clinical research trials to back up medicinal claims.  Always research a strain before buying it – especially if you are purchasing with the intention of using cannabis for therapeutic or medicinal purposes.  Lots of strains of cannabis have now been developed to specifically address different medical and psychological conditions, and thorough reading before purchase can save many failed experiments.


Competition is increasing as more mail order dispensaries appear in the online market.  Ensure that you shop around for the best price on different strains – some dispensaries may charge more or less for the same strain of cannabis, it’s up to you to find the cheapest and highest quality option.  Use reviews to help you, and follow up on recommendations from friends – word of mouth advertisement is usually very trustworthy.  Many dispensaries offer discounts on bulk and first-time buys, so be sure to take account of these too.  Prices are usually by the gram, and some online dispensaries have a minimum spend limit (in contrast to the maximum spend limits sometimes experienced in walk-in dispensaries).  Bear in mind that very cheap strains are likely to be of a lower quality grow, or weaker in strength and/or therapeutic benefit.


You either care about how she looks, or you don’t.  For some, aesthetic is everything.  If you don’t care for art and design, be aware that a colourful wrapper can raise the cost of the overall product, and consider using dispensaries which offer plainer packaging.  However, if you do enjoy pop culture, and its reflection on branding and design, then there are some interesting packages making their way onto the cannabis scene.  From foldable boxes to brightly coloured, hand drawn psychedelic designs, cannabis packaging from these early days of legalization may well become collectable pieces in the future, so it could be an investment to take the small extra cost now for future returns.  Regardless of the design, your cannabis products should come in sealed containers or packets, preferably air-tight and of a structure that will protect your consumables from impact or crushing during transit.  No more should you be forced to carefully unwrap a suspiciously egg-shaped parcel of hash, wondering whether your fingers will ever feel the same again.

Cannabinoid Content

Research is building to support the idea that something called an ‘entourage effect’ takes place when consuming cannabis compounds, meaning that more intense and longer lasting effects (and sometimes entirely different effects altogether) are experienced as a result of consuming several cannabinoids, as opposed to just one.  This will conflict with enthusiasts of high-strength THC extracts as it will with those who purport the wonders of CBD isolate products such as Epidolex.  However, clinical trials are showing definite increases in the observed benefits of cannabis-based medicines when using full spectrum oils, balanced in specific ways according to different conditions.  Medicinally, it now appears to be important to include just a small amount of THC when treating a variety of conditions; this amount is small enough to have its intoxicating effects largely cancelled out by the higher concentrated CBD, but still has a positive effect on the overall effectiveness of treatments.


 When buying flower, your bud should be dense and green, and dry all the way through.  Watch out for mouldy buds in extremely dense buds, but don’t settle for loose, immature bud which has been cropped too early, or insufficiently flushed.  Professionally grown and cured weed should be sin semilla, ‘without seeds’, as these can bulk up the weight of flower purchases with unusable, and frankly unsavoury material.  In contrast, a lone seed found in a bag is seen by some as a bonus, and an opportunity to engage in some production of their own.  Your extracts should come sealed and clean, without leaks and fitting the description given online.  Edibles should be sealed and dated, with ingredients and strength listed.

Smell and Taste

 Terpenes and flavonoids are the chemical compounds which give cannabis its distinctive aromas and flavours.  The senses of smell and taste are rendered obsolete when buying online until the moment of delivery, leaving them the preliminary treat before the overall reward of consumption.  Your bud and extracts should be pungent, their scents rushing out excitedly as you free them from their sealed container, but in longer distance transit it can sometimes lose some of that stereotypical exterior scent.  In this event, breaking the buds apart will help to release terpenes from within, giving you a chance to inhale the sweet aromas of your legally purchased online cannabis.

One Hot M.O.M.

Overall, the hottest M.O.M. is one which you have researched well, and expect to give you desired and pleasurable and/or therapeutic effects.  Whether buying flower, extract or edible the form, aromas and flavours should be consistent with that described on the website and in online strain guides, and your flower should be well-cured and free of excess stalk and leaf.  You shouldn’t be able to taste any of the chemicals used in the growing process, and you should be left feeling satisfied and satiated by your M.O.M, and ready to enjoy your next acquaintance.

Mail Order Marijuana – Hottest M.O.M. in Canada

Since you already know what to look for when you are shopping in online cannabis dispensaries, we can assume that you have a general idea of what can first-class online dispensaries can offer.
So, how about let’s try talking about some of those famous mail order marijuana companies and how they are spearheading the online cannabis dispensaries industry.

The Grow House

The Grow House specialty is cannabis subscription boxes. This is an online cannabis dispensary that offers monthly cannabis subscriptions. Their unique trait in the world of online dispensaries.
They offer various deals and packages at an affordable price. The distinguishable feature of The Grow House’s subscription boxes is that their festival-of-the-month cannabis-themed subscription boxes are delivered to your door monthly.

With various selections of sativa, indica, hybrid, or you can mix them up together in your monthly present you, or with your special someone.

Green Society

Green Society serves customers across Canada and can be located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their unique trait is that they specialize in medical-grade cannabis products and their stealthy, trustworthy shipping methods. Like other mail order marijuana convenient ordering process, this company offers quick and easy ordering even for beginners.
Green Society has various cannabis products aside from its well-known medical marijuana products. They sell different kinds of marijuana strains and buds, hundreds of kinds of edibles and vape products too.

Also, they value their customer privacy and safety, so they developed their especially vacuum seals for their product’s packaging.


Today, you can conveniently order your cannabis need online without wasting your time and effort.

However, finding a website that is trustworthy and offers first-class services is quite hard. Weed – Deals is one of those online cannabis dispensaries where they offer top-notch quality cannabis products and services. They are one of the cheapest too. With working side by side with CouponBrirds, with Weed-Deals, you can have the best quality of cannabis in your mailbox in a blink of your eye anywhere you live in Canada. They also sell medical cannabis at bulk prices. And of course, we save the best for last.

West Coast Weeds

West Coat Weed has been around in mail order marijuana industry for 15 years. Advocates of legal cannabis accessibility in Canada. They not only specialize in medical cannabis products but also offers hundreds of kind of cannabis products you can think of. They sell top-notch quality high-grade medical cannabis for suffering patients across Canada. West Coast Weeds is one of the best mail order marijuana companies you can turn to not only for your medical cannabis needs but also for your recreational activities.

West Coast Weeds is motivated by their drive to improve their services and quality control over their products every day. That is why their customer every day is rising due to their excellent customer satisfaction rating.

With their strict quality control, West Coast Weeds only sells top quality cannabis products in their respective classifications. They also keep improving their user interface to deliver maximum ease of use for a more convenient experience to their customers

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