What is Mail Order Marijuana? A detailed review of how to buy weed online.

mail order marijuana
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How to Order Marijuana Online

This article will help readers to understand dispensaries, especially how mail order marijuana works.

The Cannabis World and Community

Marijuana is scientifically known as Cannabis L. and wild in the tropical and temperate areas of the world, is where the plant genus Cannabis L. and its well-known species; Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are found. Cannabis is one of the widely consumed substances in the world along with alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco.

It has over 400 chemical entities and of which are over 60 are cannabinoids but Cannabis L. is known more for its major 2 cannabinoid compounds: the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the cannabidiol (CBD).

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is primarily produced in the leaves and buds of the female plant and is the main psychoactive ingredient giving the high experience.

Cannabinol (CBD) is a type of cannabinoid and is not a psychoactive drug. It is thought to be responsible for the majority of the medical properties of Cannabis which are very useful in reducing pain and inflammation, controlling epileptic seizure and is currently being researched for mental illness and addictions.

Canada legalizing the possession and use of recreational marijuana in 2018 paved the way for patients to use cannabis’ medicinal properties for relief. The cannabis’ medical properties include: potently reduce inflammation or swelling (anti-inflammatory), regulate or normalize the immune system (immunomodulatory), and acts to relieve pain (analgesic).

Statistics Canada released the results of the National Cannabis Survey last August 15, 2019, and out of the Canadian population of 37.59 million, over ¾ were recorded using cannabis. As of 2019, there are 619,041 Canadians registered as medical marijuana clients and the year 2020 is expecting to have a population of 715,000.

What are dispensaries?

Dispensaries are defined as establishment operations that sell cannabis products to customers. There are two types of dispensaries; the medical cannabis dispensary and recreational cannabis stores.

Medical cannabis dispensaries are designed for patients who need cannabis as medicine for their ailments. Meanwhile, recreational cannabis stores as establishments that sell cannabis products to adults for recreational purposes.

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada in the year 2018, the Canadian market continues to see the rapid birthing of new dispensaries as a way of addressing the increasing demand. A growing market also means customers’ preferences evolve. To keep up with this growth, dispensaries are not only coming up with more supplies but also a wider range of products and then selling marijuana online has been available to the cannabis community.

What is an online dispensary?

high cbd strains of 2020
high cbd strains of 2020

In Canada, online dispensaries are also known as the mail order marijuana or MOM. There are a lot of MOM brands selling cannabis that are present on the internet. Since 2013, Canada Post has been delivering medical cannabis to medically licensed patients.

Mail order marijuana dominated the online black market on the internet and in Canada, theses MOM businesses and brands are both legal and legitimate.

There are more than 200 online dispensaries in Canada. Most popular online dispensaries are the:

● Green Society;
● CannaWholesalers;
● EVERGREEN Medicinal;
Speed Greens;
● WeedSmart.ca;
● GetKush; and
The Green Ace.

Advantages of buying marijuana online

Online dispensaries offer a wide-range of cannabis products such as dried flowers, edibles, concentrates (including distillates), oils, and vapes and pens. Depending on the store, product stocks vary and also the quality sold, which are all displayed on their websites.

The convenience that consumers can feel when they buy online is definitely an advantage. All options are just at the consumers’ fingertips, go through a simple checkout process, and pay.

This very accessible and easy process of buying marijuana gives consumers the ability to save time and money. MOM businesses offer their clients product deals, loyalty deals, specials and many more.

MOM businesses also offer fast delivery and keep their deliveries private for their clients. Some MOM businesses post on their website that they use Canada Post and delivering their consumers orders from 1 day and up to 5 days.

Also, buying online will value privacy for it considers the anonymity of clients ordering online. Your profile and account are also secure because legitimate websites guarantee discretion.

Disadvantages of buying marijuana online

Of course, when you are buying marijuana from your phone or laptop, you cannot feel and smell the cannabis personally.

The second disadvantage is when you encounter illegally operating websites who are not accountable for their low-grade products, low customer service, and many more. This is very important to note to only use reputable websites only.
Canadian Rules and Regulations
When purchasing online, websites have put in place to verify the proof of age because, in Canada, cannabis products will only be sold to 18+ or 19+ clients, depending on the client’s province or territory.

According to the Cannabis Act, Canadians can possess and share a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis.

Canada Post also has put in its rules and regulations on how Canadians can ship cannabis across and throughout the country.

According to the Canada Post’s packaging requirements, there are for inner and outer packaging. Both inner and outer packaging and cannabis should be resistant to the odor, leak-proof, and tamper-proof. It is also required that the outer packaging is without any marking, advertising, or any indication of what is in the packaging. Thus, self-sealing and scent blocking mailers are recommended.

For the client’s assurance, Canada Post offers a trackable delivery service.

To receive ordered marijuana, Proof of Age is an age verification process is required during the delivery. Also, the signature of the recipient is needed. What if the recipient appears younger? Canada Post says they have trained delivery agents who will ask the recipient to provide a government-issued photo ID before the package gets handed to the individual.


It depends on what type of customer you are. If you are the type who wants to personally interact with the weed you want to buy, buying online might not be for you. If you are too busy, too lazy, or other reasons you can’t drop by your local dispensary, ordering marijuana online is for you.

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