THC Distillate: Cannabis Concentrates Pure Forms

THC Distillates
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THC distillate is one of the purest forms of concentrates available. West Coast Weeds offers the best deals of THC distillates on the market today.

THC Distillate – one of the Purest Forms

Since the world has already recognized cannabis as essential to well-being, many countries all around the world have begun to put their hands on the cannabis culture, and of them are distillates.

Today in Canada, you can see many dispensaries everywhere you go. There are also tons of cannabis products available on the internet, both for medical and recreational uses. Incredible, right?

Today’s cannabis is also becoming purer and purer each day passes by. Various kinds of cannabis products are made day by day.

What if someone asks you, “What will be the highest form of cannabis?” For now, that is also the question that our researchers and experts in the cannabis industries are trying to answer. Researchers and cannabis experts today are still finding ways and methods to efficiently harness the cannabinoids of cannabis to create the ultimate cannabis products.

Researchers and experts of marijuana have created something truly remarkable in the cannabis industries these past few years. From your cannabis flower to your cannabis derivatives.

Different Kinds of Cannabis Concentrates

Below are the kinds of cannabis concentrates that can be bought today on the market. These are:

• Kief
• Hash/Hashish
• Rosin
• Live Resin
• Weed Wax
• Cannabis / Hemp Flower Essential oil
• Tincture of Cannabis
• Moon Rocks
• Taffy
• Pull and Snap
• Crystalline and Isolates
• Oils
• Distillate

Those are the types of cannabis concentrates or marijuana extracts, if you are now in Canada, at least you know some of the largest cannabis (marijuana) extraction companies.

But for now, let’s talk mainly about cannabis distillates

What are Distillates?

In common terms, distillates are translucent, runny oils that do not contain any waxes or other residue from the source plant. Because of its versatility and potency, many cannabis consumers are enjoying distillates using their vaporizers, dabs, and sometimes, mixed it to their topicals, edibles, weed-infused beverages, and other cannabis products.

Distillates are created through an extensive and thorough refinement process that separates the desirables compound from its source.
Cannabis distillates is a cannabis derivative, a cannabis product that contains no undesirable matter mixed in, only the pure preferred cannabinoid

The distillate is the foundation of most cannabis vape cartridges and edibles. Distillates usually don’t emit aroma and don’t have any flavors. Cannabis distillates are oils on its own yet it can be infused to other products.

THC distillate and CBD oils are the common forms of cannabis distillates on the market. The Name of the oil suggests the dominant cannabinoid it contains.

The THC distillates

The unique way of making distillates, is, of course, its process, which separates it into other cannabis concentrates.
The common process of making distillates is the “short path distillation process. A new revolutionary extraction method in the industry.

If you already know, cannabis requires a high boiling temperature for the cannabinoids to be extracted. But the “short path distillation process” combined with high-performing vacuums can extract cannabinoids in low temperatures.

This distillation method was created by VTA and Root Sciences. The process of distilling cannabinoid at low temperatures. The equipment that is used for these methods has a shorter “residence time”. You know, the level of heat where the compound is exposed to while being evaporated.

Also known as the “molecular distillation”. A type of distillation that even separates the tiniest substance.

The Process of THC distillation

The process of distillation is divided into two parts. First is the removal of terpenes from the cannabinoids, and the last part which removes other undesirable compounds.

The final result is an odorless pure distillate. Then, this will be turned into oils via wiped film evaporator which is then packaged into a tincture, vape cartridges, edibles, and weed-infused beverages.

Advantages of THC Distillate


THC distillation process does not only make pure cannabis extracts but also removes the necessary use of solvents such as BHO, Co2, and alcohol. Which we all knew are harmful to our health for several reasons.

THC Content

One of the highest forms of THC products you could get on the market. THC distillate has 90-99% of THC. Unlike your regular flower which has 15%-25% THC concentration and/or the 60% to 80%, the THC content of your BHO and Co2 made concentrates.

Clean Smoke

Because there is no other residue and undesirable compound and chemicals in your THC distillate, the smoke produced by these products are solvent and carcinogen-free. It means that you are inhaling a clean vapor.

Effective Immediately

One of the fastest THC delivery intake on the market. The effects of THC can be felt in instant after consumption. Because THC distillate is one of the cannabis purest forms, the medicinal benefit can be gained immediately.

Best THC Distillate Deals on the Market

One of the best deals on THC distillate on the market can be found in,

West Coast Weeds

West Coast Weeds offers flavored THC Distillates. West Coast Weeds THC Distillates contains Organic and natural terpenes. These distillates are one of the cleanest and purest distillate on the market offer various flavors and aromas that you can enjoy. And because of its naturally unique extraction process, these products are naturally decarboxylated. And because of distillates THC potency, only 1 or 2 drops is advisable for each dose.

Feel free to try out these awesome products.


This distillate of West Coast Weeds contains the potency of Gorilla Glue. This product is enjoyed by many consumers who are seeking powerful sedating effects. This was introduced during the summer of 2016. Recommended for nighttime use.
Gorilla glue has a taste of hoppy, citrusy and peppery that gives you a relaxed feeling with, focus and creativity which keeps your fatigue, pain, and stress away. This strain can also be used in treating depression.


Extracted from the White Widow strain, this distillate has been used since its introduction in every Dutch coffee shop since the 90s.
Juicy fruit AAAA has the flavor of herbal, citrusy and peppery gives you a calming effect yet, focus and creativity which gives you relief from fatigue, pain, and stress while treating your depression.


Preferred by cannabis connoisseurs who love their dessert after dinner. Made from Gelato #33created by Cookie Fam Genetics.
Enjoyed by every Dutch coffee shop since the 90s. To fight with depression Gelato AAA is a good choice. It also offers creative boost, instant focus, and pain relief.


Made from a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid strain. This product emits a fruity aroma that every cannabis lovers will likely to enjoy.
Skywalker AAA has the flavor of herbal, citrusy and peppery taste. This strain can be used for pain relief, stress and depression.

Final Word

Cannabis THC distillate is one of the cleanest and purest forms of cannabis concentrates.
Due to its unique extraction process, all undesirable compounds and residue are removed which leads to a more healthy way of delivering THC or CBD to your body.

And some of these products can be bought on West Coast Weeds. You should try some of these awesome products.

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