The Best Cannabis Subscription Products in Canada 2020

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Cannabis Subscription Products in Canada 2020

Just like any other online retailer, cannabis-related dispensaries/retailers are no different from other regular online stores that offer online subscriptions. As the name suggests, subscriptions are monthly services that you have to pay in order to acquire certain goods or services. Best examples of this would be subscription television like Cable TVs, online streaming subscriptions from Netflix, and the old-school monthly magazine subscription like Canadian Living.

However, we are looking today into Cannabis Subscription products. It is essentially the same as a regular subscription service but is instead targeted to cannabis consumers. Let us look at how a Cannabis Subscription works and its accompanying products.

What are Cannabis Subscription Products?

They are simply composed of various cannabis-infused products and goodies, bundled usually in a box or a special packaging. Depending on the dispensary/retailer, it could be randomized (in most cases) or can be categorized under a tier/category system, with different prices and the number of items differ depending on its tier/category.

They are usually delivered on the first day of the month, or in other dispensaries/retailers, on the day you have purchased their subscription service via a monthly delivery by their carrier/postal delivery of choice.

Recommended Cannabis Subscription Products

Currently, there are a lot of cannabis subscriptions with their corresponding products online, which might confuse first-time customers or some returning customers looking for a change. In this regard, West Coast Weeds (WCW) has a lot to offer in its cannabis subscription products. Below are some of those products that we are looking at today.

1. Gold Leaf AAA Indica ($98) – A flower-type category cannabis strain with an AAA grade quality, it is a Hybrid strain that can be used to treat body pain, depression and nausea. It has a herbal, peppery taste with a hint of citrus mixed in it. It is highly advised to be used in mid-evenings for maximum effects.

2. Gorilla Bomb AAAA Indica ($24 to $140) – Another flower-type category cannabis strain but with an AAAA grade quality, it is a mix of 40% Indica and 60% Sativa. It is noticeable for its THC content that amounts to 23% to 27%, with less than 1% CBD. It is best used to treat stress, muscle spasms, depression, chronic pain and fatigue. It has an earthy, pungent scent, with a hint of pine aroma and diesel scent and has chocolate flavor mixed in. Recommended usage is at night time.

3. Critical Kush 98oz AAA Indica ($98) – A 100% Indica flower-type category cannabis strain with an AAA grade quality, it has a THC content of 16% to 19% infused into it. It is best used for treating anxiety, body pain, nausea, migraines and insomnia. It has an earthy, pine aroma into it, with a spicy pepper flavoring in the mix. This product is highly advised to be consumed during the night for the best effects.

4. Wedding Crasher 6g AAAA Indica/Sativa ($98) – One of the best sellers in WCW’s product line-up, it is an AAAA grade quality flower-type category cannabis strain that is best known for treating depression, fatigue, body pain, and stress. It is a mix of Indica and Sativa strains, and has a THC content of 14% to 20%, with 1% of CBD. It has an earthy, sweet aroma with a mixed diesel scent, while it has mixed flavors of spice and citrus. This product is best used during the mid-evening for the best effects.

5. Ghost Train Haze 6g AAAA Sativa ($98) – Another AAAA grade quality flower-type category of the Sativa cannabis strain, it has a THC content of 14% to 19% and a 1% CBD content mixed in. It is best used for treating depression, stress, body pain, headaches and fatigue. It has an earthy, pungent aroma with mixed herbal and citrus flavors which gives euphoric, uplifting and happy feelings to its consumer. This product is best used in the daytime for maximum effects.

6. Large Herb Grinder Black 50g ($42) – A useful grinding tool that you can include in your subscription products. It is highly portable, perfect for consumers who are on-the-go or are required to travel constantly. It can be discreetly stored away, thanks to its 7’’ height, which is the average height of most smartphones these days. It is an electrical grinder, so there is no need for twisting and turning, and is perfect for those having difficulties using a traditional, mechanical grinder.

About West Coast Weeds

Aside from those items mentioned above, West Coast Weeds also offers cannabis extracts and tools at their disposal. Some of their other products include the Pink Kush 6g AAAA Indica/Sativa, White Widow 6g AAAA Indica/Sativa, and many more. Each time their customers purchase from them, they earn reward points in their respective accounts that they can use as payments on their next order.

Upon registering, a WCW customer is automatically assigned to the Rewards program. There are several ways for them to earn the rewards points from simply daily logins up to referring new customers.

Each point is converted from the item’s price via a 1:1 ratio; therefore, if you are purchasing a $100 priced item, you will be having a 100-point reward on your account! However, the said reward points cannot be used in conjunction with coupon codes and other freebies upon reaching a certain total amount.

When it comes to shipping its customers’ orders, they offer free shipping for all orders above $148 via Canada Post Xpresspost. Delivery times of each order depend on the customer’s location in Canada. Furthermore, each order above $98 has a special gift waiting for its customer, and new customers can avail of a 15% discount code on their first purchase.

Conclusion about Cannabis Subscription Products

Since there are a lot of online dispensaries/retailers that provide their own subscription products and services, it really depends on the customer in choosing where to subscribe. However, we highly recommend West Coast Weeds’ products and services, since it has good service with matching good promos and discounts to boot. Its products are nothing to sneeze at either as it offers high-quality products and tools for maximum customer satisfaction.




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