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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis also called as marijuana as one of the other names. It is a psychoactive drug that came from cannabis plants. It is used for medical or enjoyment purposes. Cannabis contains a chemical known as Cannabinoids. This component is responsible for giving out many effects both positive and negative effects of cannabis. This are two identified cannabinoids Tetrahydrocannabidon THC is the main psychoactive drug that is responsible for “high”. Next is Cannabidiol CBD it is a non psychoactive drug that doesn’t cause high but compose of many benefits. Cannabis is made up of dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plants.

It is the least strong among all the cannabis products and it is usually smoked. Cannabis usually smokes in a rolled hand cigarettes or in a water pipes. These can be bought or made from things like soft drinks can and toilet paper rolls. Cannabis applies in 3 manifestation, these can be

• Marijuana it is made up of dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plants. It is the least strong among all the cannabis products and it is usually smoked.

• Hashnish is produced from the resin or gum of the cannabis plants. It is dried and smoked and it bears down into small blocks. It may also add to food and eat.

• Hash oil is the most powerful cannabis product. It is thick oil acquire from hashnish and it is also smoked.
Cannabis has its other names some of these are weed, grass, pot, hash, smoke and stick.

What is Cannabis Hybrid Strain?

Cannabis hybrid strains are the combination of different strains. It can be a mixed of pure sativa with pure indica strains or other hybrids. Hybrids are made by human to develop particular qualities.

There are three kinds of hybrid strains

• Indica dominant it is a indica with a sativa strain with a strong indica compound

• Sativa dominant it is a sativa with a indica strain with a strong sativa compound

• Balanced it is a mixed of indica and sativa strain

Hybrid strain composed of both sativa and indica strain to have its balanced effects.
Hybrids are unique strains that are breed from different types of parents. A hybrid possesses most of the beneficial medical compound of both its parents. Cannabis Hybrid differs from each other, it is by

• Indica cannabis has its relaxing and calming effects. It is the strongest strains that cause “couch lock” a state where the body feels hefty or the person only wants to lie down or sit down until the high disappear. It is best recommended to those suffering from anxiety and people with muscle pain. It also reduced insomnia. Indica grows shorter, bushy and leaves are broad and it provides a “body high”.

• Sativa cannabis is used to boost focus and efficiency. It is best for people who suffer depression and has a pain relieving effects. Sativa plants are taller and skinny and lanky look, leaves are pointed and thin. Sativa provide more of “mind high”.

Uses of Hybrids

There are lots of different patterns in using hybrids. The most known is smoking, users who smokes feels the effects rapidly. Some of the methods are

Tinctures it is liquid cannabis which can be added to food or drinks. It is best for those who do not want to smoke.

• Vaporization it is q healthy way alternative to smoking, it works for fast relief.

• Topicals it doesn’t have depressant properties, it is applied in the skin for pain relief.

• Edibles it takes hour to kick in but the effects are long-lasting.

• Capsules it is a preferred way to those who want conventional cannabis medicine and an exact dose of cannabis.

It is always the best to use Hybrids cannabis that you are comfortable and suits your condition. The best time to use Hybrids will depend on the kind of hybrid you used and the encountered you wish to have.

• Indica dominant is best take at night time or when you want to enjoy the calming effects. It will help you relaxed and end a stressful day.

• Sativa dominant is best taken during day time because it will energize you.

Hybrid cannabis used to treat these conditions

• Cancer

• Arthritis

• Chronic pain

• Epilepsy

• Fibromyalgia


• Nausea

• Glaucoma

• Multiple sclerosis

Recommended Hybrid Strains

Hindu Kush – is a pure indica strain that is domestic in the regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Its indica effects is long lasting “high” perfect for sleepless nights. The calming effect that settle your mind, and removing any negative thoughts.

Gorilla Bomb – is a sativa and indica from the bomb seeds. Bomb seeds are a THC dominant. It is one of the strongest strains. It is crazily sticky gorilla glue that has huge amounts of sour aroma and resin. It has the energetic effect.

Violator Kush – is one of the chilly indica strain that you’ve wish to smoke. This strain is a combination of Hindu Kush and MalanaCharas from the mountain of Himalayan. It is best for pain, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. This is a best choice as a medication.

Pink Kush – is a indica dominant hybrid it induces a powerful state of happiness, reduce depression and relieves stress. This elevates moods, boost social interactions and energized mind. But this is not the best choice for the first timers. Users should be careful of the dose to avoid couch lock.

Lime Kush – is a heart shaped buds, fluffy and green color? The effect of these strains is calming and relaxation. It can uplift people’s mood and helps to reduced discomfort from pain, stress and depression.

Bubba Kush – is a strong indica hybrid and has a solid calming high that makes user relaxed. It has a high THC content from 15% to 22%. It is a small sized that have a structure of components of indica varieties. The leaves are dark green and sometimes purple.

Gold leaf strain is a indica dominant hybrid that was developed in Columbia. It has a variety of medicinal use. It is a relaxing strain that will not leave you on the couch. It is best to use at night for calming, and relaxing effects.

Tahoe OG Kush – is perfect when you plan to stay at home or not going anywhere. It reduced activity and it distracted the mind and help in forgetting. It is good for social situation that makes you feel bad.

• Train wreck – is a sativa that give out sour fruit taste. It has a THC level of 19%. It creates a fast psychoactive effect that can turn to paranoia. It is best for those who have aware of tolerance level. It will make you feel energetic, happy, and creative.


In summary, cannabis effects give the consumer their in need for medical and recreational purposes. It has a mix of all the components including anti depressant which is good to those who have mental health, stimulants and any type of pain that someone is experiencing. It is great for medicine substitution that has rapid effects. All the mentioned strains above are the recommended strains that suits for the consumer. It indicates the effects of each strain and how these strains affect the users. Every cannabis strain differs from the uses and it will depend on the users of how he/she used. Although it has a side effects if it take and use in moderation it will not abused the effect of this.

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