Cannabis Dispensary Online: How To Find One

Cannabis Dispensary Online
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Are you looking for a cannabis dispensary online? Read on to know how to find one!

When Canada made the step of legalizing the medical and recreational use of cannabis, several online cannabis dispensaries emerged. With many online stores to choose from, the choices may be overwhelming for someone new. But then, it may be easy for someone who is experienced.

It is just like buying shoes online. If you want something that is best for your feet, you don’t rush on placing an order. You research on the things you need to consider. We can compare an experienced cannabis user to what we call a sneakerhead. They know what is best and can distinguish quality easily. But if you are a new user, worry not. Even if there are overwhelming choices, you can tell what an excellent online cannabis dispensary is.


Canada has an easy way to distinguish cannabis quality through the A to AAAA strain grading. There may be a lot of cannabis products available on several online markets, but what makes an excellent online cannabis dispensary is never settling for less. They only provide their customers the top-notch products. They carefully review their sources and order stocks only from reputable growers and suppliers.

Best price

The price of the products should match the quality they are offering. If you already have a specific weed to order, you can compare prices in the online market. Online cannabis dispensaries have several ways to attract their customers. Hot deals and promotions are an example. Price markdowns are also definitely one to consider.

Faster delivery

Of course, when you buy something online, you expect the item to arrive at you fast and secure. An excellent online cannabis dispensary should have a reputation of properly handling orders of their customers.

Happy customers

Reading feedbacks, blogs, and reviews made by customers is a significant component that an online store provides satisfaction. Satisfied customer reviews surely make a substantial impact on whether a new customer will try to place an order or not. They could also help with product recommendations for those wanting to try something new.

 Items Available in Cannabis Dispensary

West Coast Weeds is one of the cannabis dispensaries online. You can have a look at their products and place an order online. Their website is easy to use, friendly, and is very organized. In the Shop section, you can see all the products the dispensary is offering. There are available tools that can make your shopping easier.

  • A search bar for you to input the name of a product you are looking for.
  • Price filter wherein you can indicate your budget range, and the website will give you all the products you can afford.
  • Product categories to easily view all their products in a specific category.
  • The top-rated section where you can view the products that are positively rated by happy and satisfied customers.
  • You can also sort the products in terms of popularity, average ratings, and the latest arrivals. You can also arrange these products according to their price, whether low-to-high or vice-versa.

The products are arranged accordingly, whether they are buds, extracts, edibles, or other accessories.


You can easily have a look at all their buds. If you are looking for specific strains, look no further, WCW categorizes every single bud they are offering. What kind of strain are you looking for? WCW has it arranged for you in their Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid sections. Under their buds’ section, you can easily browse the products with the kind of strain you are looking for. The same scenario applies to strain grades. If you are looking for graded strains from AA to AAAA, they also have it arranged for you. To quickly know the kind and degree of strain used on the product, WCW has them adequately labeled for you.


WCW’s extracts category includes shatters, distillates, and CBD. Each item is arranged accordingly on their website. Like the arrangement for their buds, the shatters are also arranged in the Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid sections. The shatters are also arranged in their AA, AAA, and AAAA sections. Like the buds, to easily and quickly know more about a product, WCW also put the kind and grade of strain in their product labeling.

Edibles and other accessories

WCW also has a separate section for their edibles and other accessories. Their edibles consist mainly of gummies. Under the accessories section, it is organized into papers/tips, bongs/pipers, grinders, vape kits, and others. Are they looking for something aside from buds and extracts? Have a tour of what other products WCW has to offer. Rest assured that even on accessories, WCW gives high regard for quality. They only get their products from quality sources and suppliers.

Hot Deals

The products offered by WCW are sure of top-notch quality. Their product prices are also surely the best. They have a section on their website that is dedicated to their hot deals. In here, you can browse their buds and shatters offered for only $98! They also have a dedicated part for their subscription products, new arrivals, and products on sale. This section is updated regularly to give their customers the best and the most satisfying weed ordering services.

The Best Cannabis Dispensary Online 

West Coast Weeds have been in the industry for more than 15 years. They are also known in advocating that every human being should have access to the medical benefits of marijuana. They are frontrunners for this cause. They genuinely support the cannabis industry by giving a portion of their sales to promote cannabis education and give to other charitable institutions.

In West Coast Weeds, it is ensured that all of their products are of top-notch quality. WCW does not settle for less. All products are carefully monitored and inspected only to give you the best varieties. WCW’s website is user friendly. You can easily have a tour of the products they are offering, and they are keen on proving the best customer experience and satisfaction.


With many online cannabis dispensaries online that offer a variety of products, the choices may be overwhelming. What distinguishes an online cannabis dispensary from one another and what makes them a good one involves their quality, best pricing, faster delivery, and happy customers. West Coast Weeds is an online cannabis dispensary that is guaranteed to be the best. They are advocates in promoting access to legal, medical marijuana. They ensure top-notch quality in all of their products. They firmly and carefully monitor and inspect all their products and ensures they meet industry standards and give their customers the satisfaction they deserve.

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