Cleaning Weed Accessories: Do’s & Don’ts

Cleaning Weed Accessories
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Are you looking for tips on cleaning weed accessories? The consumption of any goods, whether it is solid or liquid, needs tools for proper use. The use of cannabis-related products in this regard is no exemption, and there are various tools and accessories one can purchase.

However, any tool needs some maintenance, and so does weed tools and accessories. Today, we check the do’s and don’ts when it comes to cleaning weed accessories, and where to buy them (if you need a replacement or want to buy a new one, regardless).

Where to Buy Weed Accessories?

There are a lot of online cannabis dispensaries that sell tools and accessories for cannabis consumption, and one of the known online dispensaries is West Coast Weeds. They have a vast selection of tools and accessories for your cannabis-related needs. Aside from that, they have an extensive inventory of high-quality cannabis strains and edibles that can be purchased alongside the tools and accessories.

Speaking of the latter, below are some of those items you need to look out for if you want your weed experience to be the best.

  1. Airis MW($40.00) – a horizontal smoking tool akin to a vape or an e-cigarette, this is used for consuming cannabis oil and cannabis wax via the smoke it produces from either of the two by using cartridges that can be easily swapped.
  2. Dabber Forkhead($10.00) – a simple, long, metallic fork-like removal tool that is used to scrape out the leftover residue/material you have used on your smoking tool.
  3. Grind Master($25.00) – as its name suggests, it is a tool used for grinding, usually cannabis strains, for it to fit inside a smoking tool or its corresponding cartridge. Being compact and lightweight, it can easily be stored in your bag or cabinet, and its high-quality materials ensure an excellent result when it comes to grinding.
  4. Triton T3 Scale($28.95) – a small, portable electronic digital scale that can be used for measuring the amount of cannabis used for either smoking (usually strains) or consuming (edibles such as space cakes). It has its internal battery, and the internals of the unit are shock-proof, making a durable scale that you can carry with you at all times.
  5. JetTorch Lighter 1300°C ($35.00) – a compact yet powerful portable torch that can be used to light up strains in traditional (non-electronic) smoking tools such as bongs. It can be used with a 10mm Quartz or Titanium Nail. It is the best compact torch that you can find since it is windproof, simple to use, and a built-in stand.

Cleaning Weed Accessories

When it comes to Cleaning Weed Accessories, it will depend on what type of tool needs cleaning. Let us check on the do’s and don’ts when cleaning:

Smoking Tools

For traditional smoking tools – most of these tools are made out of glass, and some are made of plastic. Cleaning with care will be the name of the game here, especially when it comes to the glass variants. Using just soap (not alcohol), sponge, and lukewarm water (not boiling), gently clean the tool. Do not use alcohol as a substitute for water.

For electronic smoking tools – remove the battery (if possible) and use a soft, lightly damped cloth in water to clean the main body, making sure that the delicate electronics inside don’t get wet. If it has a removable cartridge, clean it gently as you could and make sure that there is no residue left on it by using a removal tool for it.

Removal Tools

You may clean this type of tool as a regular utensil in your kitchen; making sure that it is correctly cleaned with dish-washing soap, and letting it dry to avoid having rusts/corrosion on it since most tools in this category are made from metal. Proper storage and being dry will combat the issue with rust/corrosion.

Grinding Tools

Since this is mostly used to grind cannabis strains so it can be used for smoking tools, you must clean this tool thoroughly, especially the insides and the blades of the tool without proper cleaning, many residues from previous strains that were used on it. For the smoking tools, use soap and water to clean the grinding tool.

Scaling Tools

Make sure to use this tool in a flat, clean surface to ensure accurate results are given when using it. Additionally, make sure that the items or strains you are weighing are not over the limit of what the device can take. And since it is an electronic scale, make sure that the surface you are using to put this item on isn’t wet to avoid damaging its internal parts.


First of all, do not use this item on other people since it will cause bodily harm to others. Second, make sure that this item is out of reach from children. When using this, make sure that you control the output of the flame to avoid burning stuff or getting burned yourself. Lastly, make sure that there are no leaks or damages to the unit itself before using it to prevent the leakage of flammable gas from inside the unit.


There are various Cleaning Weed Accessories, which are used for consuming cannabis-related products that can be purchased from multiple online dispensaries such as West Coast Weeds that we have mentioned in this article.

And like any other everyday tools that we use, those weed tools and accessories must be well-maintained to ensure the best results when using those said tools. There are also some things to keep in mind in regards to the shelf life of each item per tool type. Not doing so will drastically shorten the item’s usability, shelf life, and output.

We highly advise you to check the other tools available in West Coast Weed’s inventory for all of your weed-related urgent needs, since their prices are the best for your pocket and the quality of each item is top-notch.

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