Cannabis Extract: How Is It Made?

cannabis extract
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How is a cannabis extract made? In this article, we will discuss the best practices for cannabis extraction and the best quality cannabis extracts available in the market.

Cannabis extracts are a broad group of products that include any extract of cannabis plants. The plant extract may come from the two variations of cannabis, including hemp and marijuana. Extracts are unique because they are produced exclusively through the use of a solvent.

The cannabis extract have high levels of cannabinoids like THC and CBD compared to the dry cannabis leaves, flowers and stems. Marijuana extracts have a high level of THC, and hemp has a high CBD level.

The high concentration of cannabinoids in the extracts means that you can vape lesser frequently than if you are smoking to dry flowers. Extracts can be consumed by different methods with a variety of textures. The most beneficial effect of extracts is the ability to have potent effects rather than consuming cannabis flowers.

How is a cannabis extract made?

Cannabis extract is made by processing of a liquid substance through a finely ground cured or fresh cannabis matter. It includes leaves, flowers, and stems. Fresh flowers used in developing extracts are called live resin.

The common solvents that are used to create cannabis extracts are butane, hexane, CO2. They are appropriately used in the extract to keep them from becoming toxic. It can also be made by pressing fresh and dry cannabis buds that allow the flower’s oil to pinch out. This way of making extract is called rosin.

After extraction, cannabis oil can be developed in many forms such as budder, wax and more. It can be purified down to segregate the cannabinoids and create pure THC and CBD crystals.

There are several extracts of cannabis in different types and forms. All extract are named by their texture which can be defined as liquid to dry cannabis oil extracts.

  • These are some typical extracts of cannabis in the market :
  • Crumble – a dry extract.
  • Wax – a sticky and stretchy texture extract.
  • Shatter – a granular and easy-to-break texture.
  • Budder – it is created by using butane, and has a flog texture similar to butter.
    Many of the extracts of cannabis are named by the process of extraction that is used to develop them. It includes the following:
  • Live resin – is extracted from the fresh flowers and raw plants of cannabis.
  • Butane hash oil – is created by the use of butane as the solvent.
  • Tincture – is made by using alcohol to get cannabinoids from the plant material and make a very potent concentration.
  • ISO hash – it is made by the use of alcohol that serves as the solvent.

Cannabis extracts should be made properly. The extraction of concentrates be a hazardous process and should be done by professionals.

Popular Cannabis Extracts

Pot Heads Sour Rainbow

Pot Heads Sour Rainbow is a popular candy that is infused to make a higher medicinal chew. It is made with a quality ingredient that takes 30 to 50 minutes to take effect.

This cannabis extract is used to relieve nausea, reduce pain and stimulate the appetite. It is recommended to use during the daytime to enjoy its best effects.

Ak-47 Shatter

Ak-47 Shatter is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain with bright white color. This strain imparts a hot feeling that will leave you stuck on the couch. Its advantage makes you feel relaxed, and can even relieve your stress and anxiety. This extract is beneficial for those who suffer from different diseases, both that of the body and the mind.

Skywalker Shatter

Skywalker Shatter is known for its potency that forces you into a galaxy. It is a cross between the famous Skywalker and OG kush shatter strains. It brings about a fast-acting high and is heavily sedating.

Due to its Indica effects, it relieves conditions such as stress, depression and pain. Its effect that is felt quickly is the one thing that users like about this strain.

Core Focus Pineapple

Core Focus Pineapple is an extract that is used for medical purposes like relieving stress, insomnia, pain, depression and eating disorders. The effects of this cannabis extract will make you feel relaxed and happy, thus making you feel better. It has a pineapple taste that you will surely like. It is recommended to be used during daytime and night time to make you feel comfortable for the entire day.

Where to buy cannabis online?

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To conclude, cannabis extract have significant health benefits due to the presence of concentrated cannabinoids. When these cannabinoids enters the body, they exert their most potent effects. The potency of the extracys depend on their forms and method used for extraction.

Cannabis extract is a potent product made from cannabis plants of cannabis and is produced through a process that keeps the most desirable compounds of cannabis plants such as cannabinoids and terpenes.

The extracts can be consumed in a lot of ways depending on the users needs. The production of extracts may be dangerous if the concentrates are not processed properly. It is always best to use cannabis extracts that are made by the experts.

At West Coast Weeds, we make sure that the cannabis extracts that we sell have been extracted with the highest standards by experts and professionals in the field of chemistry.

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