Buy Weed Online: Is It Safe and Discreet?

buy weed online safely
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Is it safe to buy weed online? Here are tips that will tell you how to buy weed online safely.

Buying and purchasing weed is like buying medicines. The question is, how do you buy it safely, or say, discreetly?

There are ways of purchasing goods and also weeds. For you to buy weeds safely, BUY WEEDS ONLINE at a legal dispensary. Here are some tips and details about buying them online.

Cannabis Legalization

Let’s take a look at the history of weeds first. A buyer must have his or her knowledge that medical weed or cannabis is legal in countries such as Mexico and Canada.

The first country that legalized weed trade is Uruguay. Uruguay’s cannabis laws had been passed by the parliament that paved a way for the state to regulate weed production for its safe consumption.

Another country that legalized weed trade is Lesotho, a state located in the continent of Africa.
Lesotho also offered a legal license to plant and grow weeds in their backyards.

There is this celebration in West countries called ‘weed day’ that is celebrated every 20th of April.

There are a lot of legends with regards to cannabis use but the popular one is the legend of the Waldos that it was used as a secret code of five high school students in San Rafael, California.

The legalization of weed does not only revolve around weed trade but also in the recreational, medical, and decriminalization of their use.

Recreational Use, Medicinal Use, And Decriminalization

Weeds for recreational use relates to the word recreation, which means an activity done for enjoyment or leisure purposes.
In Illinois and Massachusetts, recreational weeds are legal. They allow 21-year-old and above adults to purchase weeds for recreational use.

Medical use of cannabis is also allowed in countries such as Argentina.

It is used to treat different conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, appetite loss, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, and even mental conditions such as schizophrenia and posttraumatic stress disorder (PSTD), as cannabis contains cannabinoids, which are beneficial chemicals with medical uses.

Decriminalization of weeds is simply the legalization of it. It is the provision of laws and measures to make sure the use of weeds are in a moderated way and gives satisfaction to individuals.

Types Of Weeds And How To Use It

Before purchasing weeds, you should first know what type is suitable for your condition and what are the ways to consume it.

You can have it in forms such as flowers, vapes, concentrates, edibles, sprays, tinctures, and topicals.

The flower is the bud produced by cannabis. It has more flavor and more terpenes, which has potent effects to people.

Flowers can be used by inhaling it in a pre-roll, pipe, or bowl.

Vapes are small portable pens or are bulky and shaped like tobacco stems that allow you to experience the soothing effects of weeds through puffs and vaporized smokes.

Concentrates refer to different weed extracts and forms like wax, shatters, and sugar. It has a higher potency than buds and can be inhaled using a honey straw or dab rig.

Edibles come in varieties such as gummies, chocolate bars, and beverages. It has a delayed onset of about 30-90 minutes in terms of effects.

It is also a discreet method of consumption so you can use it casually at parties.

Sprays and tinctures are alcohol-based weed extracts that are ingested and absorbed into the bloodstream. They are consumed by dropping a small amount under your tongue.

Topicals is a type of weed that is applied directly to your skin in the form of lotions, ointments, and transdermal patches.

Tips On How To Buy Weed Online

Purchasing online in different dispensaries is possible because of the advanced technologies and different delivery methods.

But of course, you, as a consumer, should know these steps before buying weed online.

Know the websites that are LEGALLY selling weed, such as Green Serenity. Well, of course, check the sites, comments, and the communities whose members also use weeds and buy weed online.

Remember, scams exist and are even rampant especially on the internet. Another thing is that online buying is a risk but, at the same time, a reward, if you find the right store and right people behind it.

Check the prices. A wise buyer knows how to check prices. Some weeds are overpriced, and some are overrated, which is suspicious.

Always have a price variation in different sites. For instance, herb pick up’s price is at three dollars per 30 grams, while another store has ten dollars per 30 grams. With this variation, you can wisely pick a good deal for your weed.

Know the delivery method and mode of payments.

There are several types of online purchases, such as cash on delivery, bank to bank transfer, PayPal, and other valid payment methods online for you to avoid online phishing for banks and money scam.

We suggest you to always choose cash on delivery for safe and real-time payments.

Purchasing online is convenient and hassle-free by choosing an item through an online store or shop, clicking the desired weed item, putting it in a virtual cart, and purchasing it in a few minutes or even less.

See how buying weed online could be more accessible and safer. But then, take the precautionary steps in buying weed online.

At WestCoastWeeds, we make sure every product is of high-quality and orders are delivered safely.


Online buying is a discreet yet safer way of getting your desired products to be delivered at your home. Well, a little secrecy is a good thing for you to at least be low key in using weed.

Never let yourself be deprived of your weed-craving, but consider that you should use weed in moderation for your good and safety.

By picking the right varieties and using it in moderation, you can experience the benefits of cannabis. Knowing more about weeds can also help.

In that way, you will know what type of weed is suitable for you and you will let yourself use weed at your home for convenience and a safe weed experience.

WCW is one of the trusted and top rated cannabis dispensaries in Canada. Visit our store to buy high-quality cannabis products and accessories at affordable prices.

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