Buy Weed Accessories Online: How To Choose

Buy Weed Accessories Online
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Wondering how to buy weed accessories online in a safe and legal way? Worry no more!

You are in the right place. In this guide, we will share some tips on how and where to buy weed accessories.

Weed accessories are there to bring about a new kind of experience for the cannabis user, especially the newbies. You can buy weed accessories online and other recommended products.

What are weed accessories?

Weed accessories are equipment used for cannabis products. There are different kinds of weed accessories to choose from.

Rolling Paper

Rolling paper is cheap but of high-quality; it uses special paper in making cigarettes. This particular paper varies in shapes and sizes, and you can choose either regular sheets or rolls of different sizes.

Odor-proof bags

We cannot deny that cannabis has a strong smell, but now, you don’t have to worry about the intense aroma of cannabis because you can purchase odor-proof bags online. You can choose stylish smell-proof bags online.


The cannabis multi-tool is for preparing your cannabis. Are you at the beach, camping or hiking? Your multi-tool is on the rescue, and it comes in handy, which means you can bring it with you without hassles.

Cleaning solution

If you are using a bong or any glass pipe, you also need a cleaning solution. You use your bong a lot; thus, you also need to clean it regularly.

Storage Container

Since you always bring with you your cannabis and you also have an odor-proof bag, it will also need adequate storage. With your storage container, you can bring your cannabis anywhere and anytime, while keeping it safe.


The grinder can improve the cannabis’ overall performance, especially to those who love to consume dry flower cannabis. A blender is an essential tool in preparing it, and it is cylindrical and palm-sized with two interlocking halves, which is the top and bottom. When the top and bottom are separated, you can see the metal teeth patterns for tearing cannabis.

Rolling machine

A rolling machine is a machine used in rolling a nice and even joint. If you’re planning to make your roll joint at home, this rolling machine is for you.

How to use weed accessories

Do you have any idea on how to use weed accessories, or are you new to using cannabis? Let us help you in using the following weed accessories:

Rolling paper

How to roll a joint? There are three easy steps on rolling a joint.

Step 1: Choose your desired rolling paper

If you already have your rolling paper, tear it down into a square that offers adaptability. In choosing rolling paper, make sure that it burns slowly, and it doesn’t give any bad flavors.

Step 2: Filter tip

This is a piece of index card inserted at the end of cigarette cannabis. This index card helps in preventing the marijuana from clogging and falling out. It also avoids cannabis from dissolving on the mouth, and allows the smoke to flow.

Step 3: Rolling

Distribute the marijuana inside the paper and start rolling the paper.

Cleaning Solution

Cleaning solution is used in cleaning the bongs. Here is the proper way of cleaning the bong with a cleaning solution.

Step 1: Collect your stuff.

Before jumping into the cleaning procedure, you should collect and prepare everything that is needed. The stuff that you should collect include salt, vinegar, alcohol, basin, gloves, and clean water.

Step 2: Empty the bong.

After collecting the cleaning essentials, empty the bong, and make sure that it is empty. To avoid having a remaining solid particle inside, put warm water to the bong.

Step 3: Disassemble

To make sure that the bong is cleaned perfectly, remove the detachable parts so that you can clean it easily.

Advantages of weed accessories

Why are weed accessories necessary  in smoking cannabis?

Weed accessories makes every hit smoother than ever before. Through weed accessories, smoke gets filtered before you inhale it. This is why it has smoother hits. According to beginner users, it is easy to use cannabis products with weed accessories. Their most important use is in improving the quality of the cannabis smoked.

Using weed accessories is indeed helpful to cannabis consumers, especially to those new in cannabis.

Recommended weed accessories

Do you have any thoughts about buying weed accessories? We have here the recommended weed accessories you can choose from:

Airis MW

Airis MW is a vaporizer pen used for wax and oil concentrates. It is a 2-in-1 pod mod which has two atomizer cartilages that allow you to set if you want to use vape oil or vaping wax.

Dabber Forkhead

The dabber forkhead is a mini titanium dabber composed of forkhead dabber.

Dabber Flathead

If dabber forkhead is not your type, you can choose the dabber flathead. Dabber flathead is a mini titanium dabber composed of flathead dabber.

Dabber Mini

A dabber mini is a mini titanium dabber for vaping.

Puffco Pro 2

Are you looking for low-priced accessories that can function very well? Maybe the product you are looking for is the Puff Pro 2. With this accessory, you can feel the effects of cannabis immediately after vaping.

Aira refill

Aira refill has high quality and accurately measured distillates, and you can choose between its flavors if of mango or apple. This product is a connoisseur’s refill that contains 555 mg of THC content in every cartridge.

Gizeh paper

Gizeh paper is a super fine rolling paper which is transparent; every booklet has 100 pieces of paper packed in a safe reclosable magnet fastener booklet. This Gizeh paper is the perfect paper for rolling because it burns slowly.

Are you amazed with the products above? Click to choose from different accessories you may need.

Where to buy weed accessories online

There are many online dispensaries nowadays, but if you’re talking about trusted ones, is one of the trusted online dispensaries. At West Coast Weeds, we offer high-quality accessories, products, and many more at an affordable price.


Smoking or vaping is one of the conventional methods of consuming cannabis products. There are different forms of weed accessories for smoking, but those accessories have their proper use. This is why you should use them correctly with appropriate guidance and knowledge about the product.

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