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Ultra-Low Cannabis Dosing: What Everyone Should Know

Ultra-Low Cannabis Dosing
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Ultra-low cannabis dosing or the concept of lightening the dose is not novel. In reality, it was first embraced by cannabis culture a few years back. With that, microdosing is a method that has been applied in drug development to evaluate the effect of a small amount of dose on the body. It grew in popularity because consumers observed the therapeutic benefits of low doses without side effects such as anxiety or paranoia.

Microdosing is the depiction of a method wherein it enables you to have more secure experience in consuming cannabis. Other variations also include the “lite” products in which it allows beginners to experience weed without the full knowledge of its harmful effects. Products such as Rookie Cookie with 10mg of CBD and 10mg of THC will enable you to enjoy the entire cookie while staying logical enough to function (Stone, 2020).

Cannabis Dosage Guide

According to Dr Dustin Sulak (2020), cannabis edibles can produce effective, long-lasting, and safe effects and are most likely to be overconsumed, which creates unwanted effects. The following are different THC dosages that also describes the different results when ingesting a particular dosage;

 1 to 2.5 mg

You are expected to feel mild relief of pain, stress, anxiety, and other symptoms but are also likely to have an improved focus and creativity.
This dosage is for first-time consumers of a microdose.

 2.5 to 15 mg

It possesses intense symptoms while feeling a sense of euphoria at the same time. It may also impair coordination and alter one’s perception.
This dose is for patients with persistent problems, for restless sleepers, and social butterflies.

 15 to 30 mg

While giving you a strong feeling of euphoria, it can also cause adverse effects to unaccustomed users or beginners, and even impair coordination and alter perception.
This dosage is for well-seasoned consumers, medical patients with excellent tolerance, and experienced users who are seeking for sleep assistant.

 30 to 50 mg

An unaccustomed user who risks taking this dosage will feel extreme euphoria and will likely experience impairment in coordination and alter their awareness of reality.
This dosage is for people who have a deficiency in GI absorption of cannabinoids and for people with a substantial tolerance for THC.

 50 to 100 mg

This dosage causes adverse side effects such as rapid heart rate, nausea, and pain. It will also have a profoundly negative impact on your coordination and alter your sense of reality.

This dose is for extremely practised THC users only and for patients diagnosed with cancer, inflammatory disorders or conditions that call for the necessity of high cannabis dosage.

How to Avoid Cannabis Overdose

According to Matt Gonzales (2020), if you are a cannabis user experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, low blood pressure, intense paranoia, and hallucinations, you are most likely suffering from a marijuana overdose. He also suggested that the most effective way for you to avoid cannabis overdose is to reduce marijuana use or stop consuming it entirely. For you to prevent health issues concerning marijuana use and successfully quit the use of marijuana, it is also important to avoid people who smoke weed. There are also other ways to prevent cannabis overdose;

  • Learn about the dangers of marijuana abuse;
  • Avoiding street dealers who may sell tobacco; and
  • Seek treatment for marijuana addiction

Ultra-Low Cannabis Dosing

In the present day, cannabis dosage is currently the trend. It is not about getting stoned to the point of paralysis anymore, even though pot has never been this strong the way it is now. From 8.9% in 2008 to 17.1% in 2017, a study from 2019 by Chandra, Radwan, Majumdar, Church, Freeman & ElSohly claimed that THC concentration in cannabis increased twice its amount in the past decade.

Rather than the out-of-date destructive effect of high, people are exploring new things to get the best hit effect with an actual less dose of it. Research by MacCallum & Russo (2018) confirmed the lengths of the impact of a tiny weed. Intending to have small doses of cannabis, both enthusiasts and researchers are enhancing the benefits of cannabis while simultaneously minimizing its harmful effects.

Dr Stacia Woodcock, a clinical pharmacist, explained that an ultra-low dose would be 0.02-0.2 mg of THC while microdose is considered to be 2mg of THC. The essence of the ultra-low treatment is having a smaller dose than what is considered microdose.

Other studies in the past ten years indicated the effect of ultra-low doses in brain plasticity and long term behavioral and developmental effects. A 2010 review showed the significant changes in the behavior of mice that lasted for five months after a single ultra-dose was injected to it.

This study also confirmed the survey from 2007 by Isabella Tselnicker, where an injection of an ultra-low dose of THC (0.01mg/kg) has a detrimental effect on memory and learning of mice which also lasted up to four months.

Amal also supported his research by claiming that ultra-low-dose has two phases wherein advantages can overcome the disadvantages when an ultra-low dose is used in treating a disease, or delicate damages can be inflicted by the ultra-low treatment (Stone, 2020).


If you are a cannabis enthusiast who seeks to enjoy the positive effects of marijuana with little to no adverse side effects, it is essential to know the dosage of your cannabis intake especially when you are new to the hobby. If you are aware of your dosage of marijuana intake, you are most likely to have the ability to control it which is not only beneficial to you as the user but for the people around you as well. Furthermore, when you are starting to feel uncomfortable, and you suspect that you are suffering from the symptoms of an overdose, you are recommended to go to the nearest hospital and get treatment. However, if you want to avoid the risk of an overdose, it is essential to read about cannabis dosages first or try ultra-low cannabis dosage.

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