Cannabis and Coffee

Cannabis and coffee
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Are you curious about the effects that a combination of cannabis and coffee can bring about in the body? In this article, we are going to discuss the effects of cannabis and coffee and how we can make the most out of them to experience some medical and recreational benefits.
One of the essential hot beverages that many of us are looking for in the morning to start our days right (or even in the evenings, to start the night right if they are working in night shifts), is having a cup of coffee. Many people around the world enjoy the benefits of this popular and almost traditional hot beverage.

However, most people might not know that there are now various coffee products that have cannabis mixed into it, especially in places wherein marijuana has been legalized, such as in Canada. Cannabis users can now enjoy the taste of coffee and its benefits, while at the same time, being able to take either medical or recreational cannabis and enjoy its effects.

In this article today, we are looking at how users can use cannabis while enjoying coffee at the same time. Additionally, we will look at both benefits and side effects that consumers can experience when consuming both items at the same time.

Cannabis and Coffee – Mixing Both and How to Achieve Its Effects

Having the desired effects of mixing cannabis and coffee isn’t merely as mixing them both directly. The results a consumer can experience from the mixture of both will heavily rely on what strain have been used to mix with the coffee of your choice.

Various kinds of cannabis strains are available in most cannabis dispensaries in the market today, especially ones located in Canada (wherein they have legalized the use of cannabis) wherein many of those dispensaries have many strains a consumer can choose from.
The commonly known cannabis strains are the Sativa and Indica strains, wherein the former is best used if you want to have an energetic feeling that is good for socializing after use. In contrast, the latter is best used if you’re going to have a relaxed mood that you can mellow out with while in your own time.

You must choose what kind of strain you would like to mix with your coffee beforehand so that you will achieve the desired results.

Known Side Effects of Mixing Cannabis and Coffee

Any product can have harmful side effects, especially when consumed in large quantities without caution. And it is no exemption for both cannabis and coffee, and wherein either product has its side effects.

But when mixed, it can have more severe side effects when consumed improperly. Below are the known side effects of coffee mixed with cannabis.

1. Pot-Associated Memory Loss

This is a common side effect of consuming a mixture of coffee and cannabis.It happens due to components of caffeine and THC mixing that results in impaired working memory. Additionally, individuals suffering from memory loss are advised not to consume this kind of mixture to prevent the worsening of memory loss. At the same time, young people (especially under 18) are also advised not to drink it.

2. Prolonged High Due to Low Caffeine Levels

Based on the many studies done by experts, the feeling of high can be prolonged if a user consumes cannabis with low amounts of caffeine on the product. This can be troublesome for users who want to flush out marijuana from their system. However, it is known that having high amounts of caffeine instead can negate the duration of the high cannabis provided in one’s order.

3. Euphoria Effects from Both Coffee and Cannabis

Users who want to experience a euphoric feeling can consume either a cup of coffee or a single cannabis strain on their own. However, consuming both at the same time as a mixed drink can provide a stronger euphoric feeling to the user. This effect can cause a significant change in one’s system, especially in the heart, which results in the next effect.

4. Increased Heart Rate

Both items are known to increase one’s heart rate on their own, but consuming both can drastically enhance it, which can be dangerous (and even lethal) for some with heart-related complications. This increased heart rate is called tachycardia, which can complicate one’s heart health. Additionally, people with other heart conditions, such as heart arrhythmia, are highly advised to avoid consuming either one, and also to avoid having further complications.

Enjoying Cannabis and Coffee

The best way to enjoy both items at the same time as a mixture is by finding the correct amount of combination of each piece and the ways on how to consume the said mixture.

Finding the right combination and consumption style will provide lots of benefits for the consumer since it will give the right amount of focus, energy, and creativity. Additionally, this gives the consumer the freedom to mix-and-match the brand of coffee and its flavour of their choice and the available strains of cannabis in their possession.

Known Combinations of Cannabis and Coffee

One way of mixing coffee and cannabis is by using espresso as the base coffee and then mixing it with either a plant strain or with cannabis edibles, such as cookies and chocolate with the flavour of their choice.

Other combinations could be achieved by using a cannabis tincture, which is directly mixed in the coffee thtough few drops, or using a vaporizer immediately after drinking coffee.

In the end, it will still depend on the user’s taste and approach to how they will consume both cannabis and coffee in their free time.

Overall Conclusion

As we have seen in this article, there are many ways on how one can consume both cannabis and coffee of their choice. However, all of us should be wary of the effects of consuming both at the same time due to the complications the mixture can bring to the body. People with heart conditions should avoid using either product or both of them to avoid worsening of their health condition.


Cannabis and Caffeine: The Guide for Enjoying Weed and Coffee Together

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