10 Awesome Canadian Licensed Producers Worth Checking Out (2020 Edition)

Cannabis Canadian Licensed Producers
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Licensed producers, or LPs, are companies that are licensed to produce and/or distribute legal medical marijuana. These producers are authorized by Health Canada to provide the highest-quality, pesticide-free, and quality-tested medical marijuana.

While there are plenty of LPs scattered across the country with fantastic products, there are some licensed producers that offer even more than just the usual high-grade medical marijuana. With a plethora of choices to choose from, which ones are worth a look? We’ve gathered 10 awesome licensed producers from across the provinces to help you make the best decision to purchase your medicine.

Here are some of our choice selections.

1. Broken Coast Cannabis

Broken Coast Cannabis is based out of the picturesque shores of British Columbia, and headquartered in Duncan. They produce some of the best medical marijuana painstakingly grown in small batches to guarantee freshness and quality, while complying with environmental regulations. Their medical marijuana is probably as good as it gets in BC, if not the entire country.

Couple that with affordable shipping flat rates, and you’ve got a god-tier LP that should rank as one of your favorites moving forward – if they aren’t already yet.

2. HEXO Medical Cannabis

The forerunner of HEXO Medical Cannabis, multi-awarded Hydropothecary, was established in 2013, and made itself known for its high-potency and high-quality medical cannabis that is guaranteed free from pesticides. Their medical marijuana is grown exclusively via the sun with their state-of-the-art greenhouse setup. Plus, HEXO Medical Cannabis helps their patients by shouldering the Federal Government excise tax that they would otherwise be paying. HEXO Corporation trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

3. MedReleaf Corp

MedReleaf makes our list for being the first medical marijuana producer ever that obtained ISO 9001 certification. That alone should be reason enough for you to trust their product and the standards with which they produce their products. These range from the highest-grade dried flower, concentrates, THC oil, and all sorts of marijuana products that are sure to delight even the most discerning patient. MedReleaf was subject to what was then the largest merger and acquisition transaction when it was purchased by Aurora for US$2.5 billion – a fair price for what is the gold standard of quality in the industry.

4. Zenabis

Zenabis is one of the licensed producers that put an emphasis on reducing their environmental impact. They have cannabis growing facilities on both coasts, and is poised to make their mark as one of the country’s biggest licensed producers.

5. VIVO Cannabis

VIVO Cannabis was founded in Ontario in 2014, and was formerly known as ABCann Medicinals – one of the foremost names in the business. Their main thrust is to provide patients across the country 100% pure, high-grade medical cannabis that is free from adulterants and pesticides, producing flower, concentrates, and other products, and price their products compassionately for patients who need them the most. VIVO Cannabis is set for global expansion thanks to the strength of its fundamentals and its products, all while providing some of the best medical marijuana prices in Canada.

6. Canna Farms

Canna Farms is a licensed producer based in British Columbia, whose claim to fame is being the first-ever licensed producer in the province, gaining the Access to Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) license. They offer a wide array of products such as cannabis oil of varying potency and THC/CBD blends, as well as flower, at affordable rates. VIVO Cannabis purchased Canna Farms recently, bringing it under its umbrella.

7. Maricann

Maricann was founded in 2013 in Ontario, and is listed on three stock exchanges across North America and Europe. This includes not only the Canadian Securities Exchange but also the Frankfurt Stock Exchange located in Germany, as well as the Over-the-Counter Market in the United States. Maricann cultivates medical-grade cannabis, specializing in CBD-rich strains. They also have a strong presence in Europe, thanks to their base in Germany where they manufacture CBD gel capsules for patients in the region. With this global imprint, expect Maricann to further expand in Europe as one of the leading players in the industry.

8. WeedMD

WeedMD needs no introduction for patients located in Ontario province – thanks to its patient-friendly prices and outstanding customer service. WeedMD focuses on creating complex blends of medical marijuana that is tailored to their patients’ particular range of symptoms. WeedMD doesn’t stop at providing flowers and cannabis concentrates – they also provide patients their own plants for them to grow at home, as well as sundries for consuming their products. WeedMD has taken the cudgels to spread the good news about medical marijuana, helping older patients as well as health and medical professionals understand more about what medical marijuana can do for them.

9. Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is yet another one of Canada’s foremost industry leaders in the field of medical marijuana, and is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Aurora Cannabis has also taken a step further in its global expansion plans by purchasing marijuana-based businesses in North America and Europe – and with 5 cultivation sites around the world (and growing), Aurora is certainly a force to be reckoned within the business. Some of the best flower and concentrates come from Aurora.

10. Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc.

Delta 9 Bio-Tech has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2013 as a small family business that is run by a father and son. It is now a publicly-listed company on the Toronto Venture Exchange thanks to its sustained growth since its establishment. Delta 9 Bio-Tech, like Broken Coast Cannabis, focuses on cultivating artisanal, small-batch medical marijuana in their patented growing system. Their production capacity goal is to multiply their current production by 17 times by 2020, and further drive their company’s growth and size in the process of doing so.


Here are some of our top licensed producers in Canada – we hope you find them helpful in your quest to find the right medical marijuana products for your unique situation.

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