Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Concentrates

types of cannabis concentrates
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Consumption of marijuana is no longer limited to smoking buds or using cannabis oils. Nowadays, pot lovers are going crazy over different types of cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are loved by both recreational users as well as medical marijuana patients for their phenomenally high cannabinoid concentrations. They are used in a variety of edibles topicals, cosmetic products and vaporizers. There is an impressive range of different types of cannabis concentrates available in the market. This brief guide will introduce you to the various types of cannabis concentrates that one can commonly find in the weed dispensaries.

What is cannabis concentrate?

Cannabis concentrates are basically extracts processed from the cannabis plant. The extraction process removes all unwanted plant materials and impurities keeping only the desirable compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. There are different methods of extraction – sometimes different kinds of chemical solvents are used in the process. Some concentrates are made using solvent-free manual/mechanical techniques. Cannabis concentrates contain extraordinarily high THC contents ranging from 40-90% on average. Normally dried flowers of top-grade cannabis strains have around 20% THC in them. If you are used to smoking dried buds, you can easily imagine how strong the concentrates can be!

Different types of cannabis concentrates

As there are different methods of extraction in practice, there are over dozens of different types of cannabis concentrates available in the market. They vary in their look, texture and consistency. Here are some of the most common types of cannabis concentrates you’ll find in a pot dispensary. While they are by no means the only concentrates available in the market, they are definitely the most popular ones.

• Shatter

One of the most popular cannabis concentrates of today, shatter is glass-like and brittle in texture. Sometimes it can have a snap-and-pull consistency. Generally shatters come with a golden yellow or a radiant amber color.


Budder is also known as badder or badder wax. Budder is soft and oily like wax, but more viscous than the common wax. According to many, it is the cleanest form of concentrate extracted from cannabis. Definitely one of the most sought-after marijuana extracts, budder can have a sun yellow or bright orange color.


Like budder, crumble also has a wax-like texture. However, as the name suggests, it is more brittle than budder and has a honeycomb-like consistency. Typically it has a matted yellow color to it.


Texture-wise, sugar or sugar wax is like wet, sticky sugar. Like normal sugar, it is shiny but rarely uniform. Usually extracted using butane as a solvent, sugar comes with a bright yellow or deep amber color.


This white crystal-like concentrate is the purest of all. They have their cannabinoids contents isolated from all other compounds. Naturally, crystallines come with exceptionally high THC/CBD concentrates. Crystallines available in the market can vary in their density and size, ranging from small rocks to powder.


Various kinds of oils (marijuana oils, THC oils, CBD oils) are extracted from cannabis using CO2 or other natural solvents. Like any other oil, cannabis oils are thick and runny in consistency. Different vape pens, pods and cartridges use different cannabis oils as the e-liquid. Oils also find their way into various tinctures, capsules, topicals and edibles.


Rosin is made without using a solvent but only heat and pressure. Golden in color, they come with a sappy, oil-like consistency. Because no solvents are used to extract rosin, it successfully preserves all the terpenes from the original plant and presents a rich aromatic profile.


Certainly the oldest of all cannabis concentrates, hash or hashish has been used by people for centuries. Extracted by simply compressing the resin-filled trichomes of the marijuana buds (either using a dry sift or ice water to filter), hash comes with a light or dark brown color. Hash made in the ice water methods is commonly called the ‘bubble hash’.


Kief is also made through a simple, solvent-less mechanical process. Also known as dry sift or pollen, kief is extracted by manually separating the trichomes from the buds. Typically three-chambered grinders are used in the process. They come with a powder-like consistency and a blonde or light tan color.

How to use different types of cannabis concentrates

As the cannabis concentrates vary in their textures and consistencies, no single consumption method is suitable for them. Different types of cannabis concentrates demand different consumption methods.

Soft and malleable concentrates like budder, wax, or oils are ideal to be used in a dab rig. You can also use the oils in a variety of vaporizing devices. On the other hand, the best way to consume powdery concentrates like kief or crumble is to apply them on a more stable surface like dried buds. You can also sprinkle them on a bowl and smoke it. Budder, shatter or wax can also be wrapped in a joint. Topping the flower with concentrates is a convenient way to consume them. It doesn’t require any special accessory like a dab rig or a bowl.

Using concentrates like this spikes the potency of your normal joint and adds extra flavor to it. If you don’t want to smoke or vape it, it is okay. You can always use the concentrates to cook a variety of delicious edibles and enjoy them. Oils or tinctures have a unique advantage: they can be taken sublingually, that is by placing a few drops of the liquid under the tongue. How fast you can feel the effects and how long they can last completely depends on the particular method used to consume the concentrate.

Whether you are a recreational or a medical user of cannabis, the cannabis concentrates will never disappoint you. They are at least 4-5 times stronger than normal marijuana flowers. That means you get a much more powerful high and longer symptom reliefs. Choose any of them and you’ll have an amazing marijuana experience. Try them all and find out which one is your favorite!

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