How To Smoke Shatter like a pro

how to smoke shatter
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Do you want to know how to smoke shatter? Popularized in the 2010s through videos and images on Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat, shatter is one of the sought-after extracts of cannabis. Unlike other concentrates such as bubble meth hash, honey oil, and budder, shatter is one of the most photogenic and visually appealing cannabis extracts for its broken-glass texture and hard-translucent color hue that ranges from bright honey-like amber to darker yellow shade.

Shatter is also called shatter wax, marijuana shatters, or shatter weed, and it is made by extracting the plant’s essential oil, which in turn removes the contents like cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds. There is the ease in handling how to smoke shatter, yet it requires long, delicate purging cycles to remove all solvents. Shatter traces its roots way back to the traditional production of hashish. With the improvement of technology and chemistry through the years, the refined production of cannabis concentrates amplified the production of shatter. As the name suggests, shatter snaps when handled and breaks easily like broken glass. However, its brittleness, which varies from extremely brittle to taffy-like snap-and-pull quality, is outweighed by its high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level or high CBD, low THC level in rare cases.

Uses of Shatter

Aside from its brittle structural integrity, shatter is most highly sought after for its concentrated, potent dose of CBD. It possesses high potency levels, ranging between 50 to 90 percent of cannabinoids by weight, which in turn produces a more potent “high” feeling, as well as terpene-rich flavors and aromas. One may experiment on how to smoke shatter by either using a vaping pen or water pipe. Still, either of the two methods results in a fast way for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream, achieving near-instantaneous effects.

Shatter is often utilized for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits from cannabis even without getting intoxicated with THC. For patients that rely on neuro healing, pain relief, and reducing inflammation in painful body parts, a shatter is an excellent option for people that depend on medical marijuana as well as for consumers who take an interest in health and wellness. Moreover, shatter also portrays antidepressant and anxiolytic properties for its anti-stress and calming and relaxing effects.

Shatter also allows for its users to use their perceived perfect dose. A single scoop is good for one or two dabs, which will enable users to take in cannabinoids by only inhaling the vapor. This way, there is increased potency in cannabis that is taken in by just taking a less-is-more approach. Shatter stands out from other byproducts of cannabis because when one figures out how to smoke shatter, it does not need large quantities of inhaling burning plant materials while decreasing the exposure of the lungs to harmful chemicals present in smoke.
Unlike other concentrates, shatter is ideal for daytime use. After usage, the patients will get an upbeat experience, having relief but no sedation. This is perfect for workday uses because it increases focus towards the usual daily activities like household chores, daytime jobs, and other leisure activities.

How to Smoke Shatter

Similar to any cannabis concentrate, the way of how to smoke shatter is through vaporization or dabbing. Vaping and dabbing somehow operate at the same mechanism of heating and inhaling the vapor.

Vaping requires the user to smoke the shatter and to inhale its vapor. How does one smoke shatter through vapes? First, one must ensure that the vape pen or electronic cigarette is designed for extracts like wax or shatter. These vapes and e-cigs often contain the atomizer, which is the main heating element that works to heat the shatter and other concentrates rapidly. To use, shatter is added to the vapes or e-cig heating chamber, then the atomizer heats the shatter which quickly melts and evaporates. Then, the produced vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Another Method on How to Smoke Shatter

The other more popular method on how to smoke shatter is through dabbing. Dabbing relies on having a water pipe or dab rig, which consists of a small water pipe called the rig, which has a flat bowl and a nail that tolerates the high temperature. When one wants to try to dab shatter, the user must preheat the nail with a torch from butane or propane until it reaches the optimum temperature for dabbing. Then, with the flat end of the dabber, a small amount of shatter or other concentrate is dropped onto the nail. When there is no ceramic nail present, one can also make use of a hot titanium or quartz bucket. After a small period, the shatter will instantly vaporize when it comes in contact with the hot nail. Then, the cap is placed over the nail, titanium, or bucket to capture the vapor produced. The vapor is then inhaled through the opposite end of the rig.

Where to Buy Shatter

One often asks where to buy shatter. Although several shops offer numerous offerings of weed byproducts like edibles, concentrates. Tinctures, shops stand out when they come with tips and manuals on how to smoke shatter, as well as cheap deals for first purchases, cheap bundle packs during sales and promos, and positive business operations, from purchase to delivery to handling the actual product. West Coast Weeds stands out when offering shatter weed because it provides numerous strains of the product.

WCW provides $98 deals for its top products, notably the Skywalker OG, which is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain used for treating migraines, muscle pain, and stress and deals with appetite loss, insomnia, and other sleeping disorders. Pink Kush is sought for its pine aroma, flower essence, and tree bark hints alongside its vanilla flavor and 20% THC level. At the same time, Juicy Fruit and White Widow are also popular products known for their energizing euphoria, citrus-pepper aftertaste, and stress and pain relief properties. Gorilla Glue and Gelato, which are both Indica and Sativa hybrids, are also good shatter strains for their excellent treatment for fatigue, chronic pain, and even anxiety and depression.

Whatever shatter strain is used to or wants to experience, West Coast Weeds stands out among other dispensaries. Their reliable customer experience, safe information when having deals and purchases, and secure shopping all account for WCW’s top performance.

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