10 ways to buy weed online within your budget

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The legal cannabis market has taken over North America. Buying weed is as easy as placing an order on Amazon. There are no shortage of options for those looking to stock up on their stash online.

Here is where you’ll know all about the tried and tested ways to buy weed online without spending too much. You’ll be able to find a reasonable price range that you’ll be comfortable with. Those who are looking for reasonably-priced weed or just not looking to spend too much on buds, there are several things you can do to cut down on your weed spending.

Easiest ways to buy weed online on a budget

1. Stop rolling joints!

Although it might sound like a death sentence to regular consumers, smoking weed is in some ways wasteful which can easily be avoided. When you roll your weed, you burn away a considerable portion of the buds. With the rolling paper, tobacco, and filters, the cost adds up. We are not suggesting you say goodbye to old joints. But if you try and cut back a little, it can rack up some savings for you.

2. Attend the weed events and festivals

Many cities across Canada organize community events that are sponsored by reputed weed brands. So whenever there are cannabis festivals in and around your locality, make sure to attend one or two. They not only educate you about the trendiest cannabis strains and products but can also offer exciting discounts including free samples! Even if you don’t listen in to the ongoing discussions, walking away with some freebies can never hurt.

3. Buy weed in bulk

If you are thinking about buying weed for a lower price, then getting it in bulk is an excellent idea. Most online weed stores in Canada offer special discounted rates when you buy in large quantities. Why spend a fortune on ala carte deals of your favorite strain when you can order wholesale and procure stash that’ll last for months?

If buying in bulk is not an option for you right now, then splitting the bill with your weed buddies is one of the best ways to buy weed online without breaking the bank.

4. Order a quality pipe/bong

Apart from the wide choices of strains, most mail order marijuana services (MOMS) in Canada also sell cannabis paraphernalia. Some come real cheap. You can find good quality bongs or pipes that start at $40. Investing in them is always a good idea. Paraphernalias allow you to experience the same high but using a lesser number of buds.

5. Consider vaping your marijuana

Vaping is the new fad for health-conscious weed enthusiasts. It’s all the rage right now in Canada from across different age groups.
Most online weed dispensaries are known to sell a range of cannabis concentrates. Moreover, if you go for the dry flower vapes, you’ll be able to get a smooth hit from your preferred strain. Although you will initially need to shell out a few bucks to get your vaping device, it is going to be more economical in the long run.

6. Follow your preferred marijuana brands on social media

You can be sure that all your favorite brands have their own handles across social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram where they post regular updates, special events, and promos. It’s where you can get giveaways of their old stocks or buy strains with huge discounts. Some launch new product lines at introductory prices.

7. Cook your own edibles

Buying edibles is way more pricey than buying the actual buds. However, if you are thinking about cutting down on your spending, then making your own cannabis edibles might be good for you. All you have to do is order your preferred strain of weed and then create CannaButter at home. This CannaButter can be used to prepare all your favorite dishes for great taste and outstanding effects.

8. Buy weed consistently from one MOM

Most MOMS in Canada offer attractive discounts and even freebies to their returning customers. What you need to do is to build relationships with your sellers. Stop changing your go-to cannabis dispensary too often. Give it time and build real connections with them. After a few months, you’ll see a huge difference in how they treat you. Do a little research and talk to your friends about their preferred dispensaries. Choose those that offer loyalty programs for returning customers.

9. Watch out for seasonal offers

Just like Amazon or Walmart, most weed dispensaries offer seasonal discounts on some of their products. Subscribe to newsletters as much as possible so you won’t miss out on vouchers or coupons. Doing so will give you substantial discounts the next time you buy weed.

10.Read the reviews before ordering

Buying your stash at a lower price doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on good quality. Shopping within your budget also implies shopping smart. The easiest way to ensure that is to take a closer look at what other consumers have to say about a particular strain or product.
So, if you are looking to order a strain which you have never tried before then always make sure to run a research on WikiLeaf or Leafly. Moreover, most online cannabis stores have detailed customer reviews of their products which will allow you to get a basic idea of the flavor and effects of a particular strain.

Ordering online is not only convenient because of the pandemic. It has always been and will always be the cheapest, easiest, and most hassle free method of getting your marijuana safely and legally.

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