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Blue Rhino is a hybrid cross of White Rhino and Blueberry, this strain has a ratio of 45% Sativa to 55% Indica. This strain gives you a strong sense of relaxation with an uplifted, euphoric feeling.

It helps with stress relief, pain management, and anxiety relief with a dry mouth and dry eyes downside.

Blue Rhino Indica is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain. A potent high-yielding strain plant. It is the crossbreed of White Rhino and Blueberry.

This strain does live the name of its parentage, gives an energizing effect for those who love recreational strains and a good choice for medicinal use for people who use it as a medical treatment.

The Blue Rhino caught the interest of farmers due to its exceptionally large flowers. The flowers can grow into an impressive size when it is grown outdoors.

This strain is known for its great balance of recreational and therapeutic effects with a ratio of 45% Sativa to 55% Indica.

Blue Rhino Indica is also acknowledged due to its 20% THC content and a notable 2% CBD content.

This well-known strain produces large and dense buds that give you an energizing yet euphoric experience. It is famous for its cerebral effects with a perfect mix of a body high.

With Blue Rhino Indica’s perfect blend of earthy and fruity aroma and taste, any hybrid lovers will surely enjoy this strain.

It is recommended that this strain be used only in the daytime, but, some people find it perfect to relieve their insomnia, thus it can be also used at nighttime.

Blue Rhino Indica is a lot shorter and tends to develop a large single central cola.

If grown indoors, the strain tends to flower for about 60 days and can have a yield of 600 g per square meter. And if grown outdoors, Blue Rhino grows well in a temperate environment, harvest time is at the beginning of October with a yield of 500 g per plant.

So, as we said, Blue Rhino Indica comes from the cross of White Rhino and Blueberry right?

Let’s have a brief discussion of Blue Rhino’s parentage.

White Rhino

White Rhino is a cannabis strain that is a hybrid of the famous White Widow and some unknown Indica strain native to North America.

White Rhino is a stout and bushy plant and it is said that this strain is a descendant of the cultivars from Brazil, India, and Afghanistan.

White Rhino comes with a peppery, earthy with a citrusy aroma.

The high THC content of White Rhino is what makes it a favorite choice among users who prefer pleasant relaxation and relief of their symptoms.

This strain gives you a strong sense of relaxation with an uplifted, euphoric feeling. It helps with stress relief, pain management, and anxiety relief with a dry mouth and dry eyes downside


Blueberry gets its name because of its familiar scent similar to blueberries.

Blueberry, a top rank strain is one of the most well-liked cannabis strains. It won the best Indica in High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000.

Blueberry was first introduced by DJ Short when he was working with various foreign landrace strains in 1970.

The sweet flavors of fresh blueberries blend with its relaxing results to give you a long-lasting sense of euphoria.

Experts and farmers like the strain for its bright shades and high THC content.

This strain gives you a strong sense of relaxation with an uplifted, euphoric feeling. It helps with stress relief, pain management, and anxiety relief, however, it has a dry mouth and dry eyes downside

Those traits from the White Rhino and the Blueberry is inherited by their offspring, the Blue Rhino Indica.

Blue Rhino Indica’s Effects

While still being a well-balanced smoke wholly, Blue Rhino Indica is acknowledged for its perfect mix of uplifting effects.

This hybrid Indica dominant strain will give you a euphoric and vibrant feeling. People around you will catch your good vibes like becoming friendlier, being more outgoing with lots of uncontrolled giggles.

The direct effects of this strain can be fully able to knock out newbies in cannabis usage.

This includes a powerful feeling of euphoria, which is then accompanied by an equally compelling warm body buzz.

Nevertheless, experienced consumers will feel energetic and discover themselves feeling sharp and focused

Blue Rhino is ideal for times if you have the chance to simply relax and focus on feeling happy and creative.

This strain has a positive tendency of you being happy and will make you feel uplifted for hours.

Eventually, you will feel overcome by sleepiness, and then be available to have a restful night.


Blue Rhino Indica has a taste that competes for most hybrids in its attractiveness.

Blue Rhino’s fresh-like wild blueberries sweet scent together with the combination of fruity taste makes it unique.

But to make everything more exciting, you can taste a skunky spice taste when you exhale with the usual peppery aftertaste.


Blue Rhino is particularly fragrant thanks to its Blueberry ancestor.

This plant is oozing with a strong alluring earthy sweetness.

Hints of fruits and pepper can be easily smelled in its scent with a pungent and spicy smell.

Medical Use

With Blue Rhino’s ratio of 45% Sativa to 55% Indica, it’s no wonder why it is preferred by many medical patients to treat their symptoms.

People who suffer from chronic pains can benefit from this strain as it can eliminate symptoms associated with muscle spasm, back pains, and joint aches.

Blue Rhino Indica is also excellent for treating chronic stress. With the relaxation effects, this strain can soothe the mind and body, relieve numbness, nervousness, and anxiety.

Blue Rhino can help with patients suffering from depression and it gives the feeling of being uplifted for you to take it easy.

It is also good for insomnia sufferers, this strain will get you into the relaxed state to help you sleep and rest better.


Blue Rhino is a well-balanced hybrid that offers an energizing and euphoric feeling that eventually helps you to relax, sleep, and rest well. It treats most of the common chronic ailments.

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