How To Buy Cannabis Edibles In Canada Like A Pro?

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Buy cannabis edibles in Canada today. Buying cannabis edibles in Canada is a perfect trend that suits your medical needs. Cannabis edibles are foods and oils containing cannabis that is intended to be consumed. It was legalized in Canada but with inclusive rules to follow to ensure public safety.

Permit holders must give 60-days notification to Health Canada of their arrangement to offer the new item. Based on the guidelines, these items must contain close to 10 milligrams of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is liable for the vast majority of marijuana’s mental impacts per bundle. However, there is no limit on CBD for edibles. Health Canada has banned certain ingredients from being added to edibles, including alcohol and added vitamins and minerals.

Also, manufacturers are not allowed to make products that are appealing to the youth. Normally, young people may be curious about the legalization of these new cannabis products, and it may lead to experimentation.

Being informed about these cannabis products will help them understand exactly its classifications, methods of consumption and the potential impact that it may have to the youth. Since consumption of edible cannabis can lead to more intense effects and a longer period of intoxication than inhaling, starting low and going slow is especially important.

Even before, Cannabis and a variety of cannabis products like edibles and oils have been around and most of them are homemade. Today, it is still exceptionally normal for individuals to use weed to make their own edibles in the present cannabis culture. While for those who live areas where cannabis is legal, it is substantially acknowledged to buy cannabis edibles in Canada from a nearby drugstore. It offers a wide range of edible items and different dosage suitable to its users.

Advantages of Taking Edibles vs. Smoking

Smoking and eating edibles both introduce marijuana into your body. But, it doesn’t go to the same places inside your system. When you smoke, you inhale THC into your lungs before the effects on other body parts are felt. With edibles, the THC goes into your stomach before being rerouted into your liver and other organs.

Typically, less THC is consumed from edibles than from smoking, but it can stay inside you much longer. When someone smokes marijuana, they can expect to feel the effects fairly quickly. However, with edibles, the feeling is far more delayed. It can take up to three hours for edibles to be felt in your system.

A good alternative to smoking

CBD edibles are dominating over the health and wellness industry due to their very little side effects and maximal health benefits compared to smoking. Breathing in hot smoke causes swelling of the respiratory system.

People who smoke marijuana inhale more deeply into their lungs where the smoke is withheld longer. They wind up with four times as much tar than those who smoke cigarettes. Additionally, smoking marijuana will produce tar.

On the other hand, using marijuana in your cooking has none of the drawbacks of smoking. It introduces zero harmful carcinogens into the lungs. Consuming cooked marijuana has a completely different psychoactive reaction in your body than smoking it.

When you ingest marijuana orally, it is first metabolized by your liver, which turns it into a completely different kind of THC from the THC you get if you simply smoke.

High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are vitally important to our bodies because they guard us against stress and other damage. They are also our body’s only protection against “free radicals,” which are highly reactive molecules that can wreak damage on our bodies over time.
Cannabis, whether raw or cooked, is abundant in antioxidants that our bodies need. So, whether you’re infusing weed into brownies or juicing raw leaves — you’re going to get the stuff you need.

Great for Pain Relief

Most of the time, people who digest marijuana experience a more intense and longer-lasting full-body high than people who smoke it. Users who smoke it may experience a high that usually lasts for only one to two hours.
On the contrary, ingesting it won’t just help locate and neutralize the pain you’re suffering from, but it’ll also provide more relief for a longer duration of time. On average, a high from oral ingestion can last anywhere from four to six hours. Now, this sounds awesome and more beneficial for you.

Available Cannabis Edibles

The Green Samurai

This is available in fruit pack, grape, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and peach flavors. It is recommended to use during daytime and is known to help in reducing pain, relief of nausea and helps stimulate the appetite. The THC content of this strain is 6 x 25 mg.
The effects include relaxation, sleepiness, euphoria/happiness and hunger.
For its medical use, it helps treats insomnia, stress, pain, depression, and lack of appetite.
Adverse effects may include dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, dizziness, and paranoia.

Pot Heads Sour

These are handmade medicinal craft candies. It’s available in rainbow and blue flavors. This strain is graded triple A and has a THC content of 150 mg and 0 CBD content. It’s best taken during daytime.
This is used for the relief of nausea, pain-reduction, and stimulates the appetite.


These are handmade medicinal craft candies that are available in strawberry, apple, grape and mango flavors. This strain is graded triple A and has a THC content of 150 mg and 0 for its CBD content. It is best taken during daytime.
This is used for the relief of nausea, reducing pain, and it stimulates appétit

Cannabis Edibles You Should Try

Here, we listed the commendable items that you may want to try when you buy cannabis edibles in Canada.

The Green Samurai – Raspberry

The Green Samurai innovated the weed-infused edibles market with its cutting-edge techniques. These delicious little fruit gummies are infused with 25mg THC each for a total of 150mg in each package. Potent, tasty, and highly-effective, you can’t go wrong with The Green Samurai Raspberry Bear Bombs.

High Chew – Mango

They are hand-pulled artisan craft candies prepared in small sets with a higher medicinal chew. Composed of select ingredients and infused with Delta 9 extracted distillate.
After ingesting this edible, the effects usually take effect between 30 to 60 minutes.

The Green Samurai- Peach

Every tasty fruit-flavored bear bomb is infused with 25mg of THC for perfect, precise dosing. Slice and dice away from your stress, pain, and worries with The Green Samurai Peach Bear Bombs!

High Chew- Apple

Delicious tasting High-Chew candies infused with THC Distillate. This is infused with Delta 9 extracted distillate and hand-pulled using the best quality ingredients.

The Green Samurai- Fruit Pack

Every tasty fruit-flavored bear bomb is infused with 25mg of THC for perfect, exact dosing. The Green Samurai edibles have upgraded the delicate art of creating weed and THC infused edibles that still retain a delicious flavor with their innovative styles.

High Chew- Grape

Artisan craft candies, prepared in small batches. Hand-pulled with and made of quality ingredients and added with Delta 9 extracted distillate.

Where to buy cannabis edibles in Canada?

If you plan to buy cannabis edibles in Canada, West Coast Weeds is the store to consider. We are determined advocates of the accessibility of legal medical marijuana and have been in the industry for more than 15 years.

Our commitment is to ensure that authorized patients have access to high-grade medical marijuana for their health benefits. We, at West Coast Weeds, will surely be among the front-liners who will continue to provide top-notch quality and variety to our customers.
Our goal is to provide a never-failing customer satisfaction because our aim is to better ourselves every day. All our products are monitored and inspected to ensure that only the best quality goods are made available in our shop. We maintain a wide variety of products of different categories and we’re always on the lookout for the best. Our store won’t settle for anything less.


Edible cannabis has emerged as a widely-spread practice and a recognized alternative to inhaled cannabis in the legalized cannabis market. CBD foodstuffs are an incredible approach to getting your CBD intake.

They have a few points of interest, including being flavorful, easy to prepare on your own, and ideal for being on the go. The CBD market offers a wide range of CBD edibles, with something to suit all enjoyment.

When buying cannabis edibles in Canada under any circumstances, people must always follow the approved dose and stop ingesting edibles if unfavorable reactions occur. Thus simply keep in mind that after you buy cannabis edibles in Canada, you engage in a tradition stretching back over millennia. We are very pleased that you’re paying homage to our cultural inheritance.


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