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If you are 19 or more, it is perfectly legal for you to buy weed in Ontario. The province has a number of online cannabis sellers. But if you are looking for a trusted brand, you can buy your pot from West Coast Seeds, a company that has been active in the cannabis industry for the last 15 years. West Coast Seeds is dedicated to make medical marijuana more accessible to Canadian people. A strong advocate of cannabis legalization, our company believes that good quality marijuana products have great potential in healing a range of health as well as mental symptoms. Taken in appropriate doses, cannabis can ensure overall wellness of being. If you are looking for best quality sativa or indica buds with different THC and CBD contents or various cannabinoid extracts to make your life better, then buy weed in Ontario from West Coast Seeds. You get a good range of best quality medical marijuana buds and shatters from our online dispensary at very reasonable prices. Besides flowers and shatters, you can also buy a variety of pot accessories from us. You can place your order from anywhere in Ontario and we will deliver your pot to your doorstep. The payment method is completely encrypted and secure.

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For legal marijuana users living in Toronto, Ottawa, downtown Brampton, London, Richmon Hill, Norfolk Town or anywhere in the province of Ontario, West Coast Seeds is the best online cannabis store to get your weed from. We guarantee a perfectly safe and fast mail-order marijuana services to any valid shipping address within the province. No other online marijuana store in Ontario can provide you the quick and efficient marijuana delivery as we do.

Affordable Prices, Top Quality Weed Products, and a great Mail Order Marijuana Service

Whether AA, AAA, AAAA buds or sativa, indica and hybrid flowers like Blue Rhino, Grape Ape, Tahoe Kush, we sell the best weed in Ontario. To make the benefits of medical marijuana available to all sections of the society, we usually offer attractive discounts and reduced sale prices on our products throughout the year. We have a reward points system from which the customers can benefit as well. All dried cannabis buds shatters and CBD extracts sold on our website are duly tested and checked for quality before they hit the market. Our company keeps a strict vigil on the whole process starting from the time of cultivation to marketing so that the high standards of our products are never compromised.

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Ordering from us is very easy. To be able to buy from us you need to provide some basic information and a legal proof of your age. No need to worry about your personal data, they will be totally encrypted and completely secure with us. Do check out our business timings before you place your order. We deliver our products via Canada Post. To match the timing of their shipping services, West Coast Seeds only work Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Please note that no delivery will be done on British Columbia’s public holidays. Visit our website for more details on the ordering and delivery system. Choose the one of best strains or shatters available in the market and enjoy your life!