A Guide to Buying Cannabis Flowers Online

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Confused with AAAA, AAA, AA+ etc? This easy to digest guide will help you to find the best cannabis flowers online.

Since its legalization in Canadian markets last June 2018, online dispensaries have began selling cannabis to consumers through online shopping.

Because boundaries and barriers have been mostly dismantled, new ways to market and sell cannabis have emerged. Consumers have more accessible options to acquire cannabis compared to before.

In Canada, cannabis flowers often have grades or ratings that dictate their quality. These include A, AA-, AA+, AAA, and a lot more.

How these ratings influence your experience largely depends on your taste and preference.

What are cannabis online flower ratings?

For novice users, weed may seem to be a general product that has the same quality across the board. However, as with most consumer goods, it is rated according to its quality.

You may recall that liquors and cigarettes are often rated according to their manufacturing and production process. The expensive market brand prices like Marlboro and the various color labels of the famous Johnny Walker brand of liquor are often warranted due to their rigorous quality control standards.

Cannabis can be rated differently depending on what country you will purchase your cannabis flowers. Other dispensaries outside Canada rate cannabis in an A-D scale, but online dispensaries in Canada usually use the A-AAAA scale.

Despite this rating scale, a simple ocular inspection of the cannabis flower to be purchased can reassure you that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

A Grade Cannabis

On the A-AAAA rating scale, an A-rated cannabis is nothing to get jittery about. These type of cannabis flowers usually are of low-quality that aren’t worth spending extra dollars for. Colloquially named ditch weed, dirt weed or schwag, these flower buds give justice to their names.

These cannabis flowers are beneficial for the reason being that they are cheap and are often given out by other dispensaries for free.

What makes it so cheap then?

You can simply tell from its appearance that it isn’t quality weed. It is still covered with stems and has weak flower buds.

Despite that, you can still smoke this weed. It can still give you a decent and mellow “high” feeling, but you may experience more side effects such as headaches and dizziness due to its crude composition.

AA Grade Cannabis

An AA rated cannabis is a mid-range, decent quality marijuana. A myriad of options can often be taunting you as it varies from AA- to AA+, with AA- being of lesser quality than the two.

Aesthetically, this grade or rating of cannabis is not of best quality but it can give you a fairly reasonable feeling of euphoria associated with smoking a joint.

This kind of weed is often referred to colloquially as mids or reggie weed.

Quality-wise, this kind of weed may be a little weak with buds that are relatively thin and brittle. A fair number of stems could still be visible upon inspection.

This kind of weed is often pursued by users who want a fairly decent experience since it’s possible that this kind of weed contains a good THC content and don’t want to spend a considerable amount of money just to get high.

AAA Grade Cannabis

When you start using AAA-rated cannabis, that’s when you start having some quality time. A lot of online weed dispensaries usually sell this kind of weed due to its quality. Some dispensaries even sell “premium” weed grades. These include higher rated weeds such as AAAA and even AAAAA.

The weed flowers of this grade of cannabis usually look thick, colorful, and healthy. Colored hairs usually are evident and come in a myriad of colors such as orange, yellow, and even purple.

This quality of weed usually gives a potent high feeling. Usually, the feeling and effect vary concerning the cannabis strain. Indicas give a calm and relaxed feeling while sativas usually give you a cerebral euphoria that users typically enjoy.

Connoisseurs may still have problems in using this cannabis grade simply because they expect much higher expectations due to their experience. However, for the common weed user, this can already rake in an enjoyable experience.

AAAA Grade Cannabis

This is premium quality cannabis due to price and experience that this weed rating gives. Upon ocular inspection, this weed will look premium. It will be thick, colorful, and loaded with a lot of trichomes.

AAAA grade cannabis will smell pungent but will give you an intense aroma and taste even before consuming this kind of cannabis.

Because this is premium quality weed, it will cost you more, but this does not dismay connoisseurs from purchasing this kind of premium weed.

Variations in this kind of cannabis grade can also be seen with AAAA- at the lower end and AAAA+ in the higher end. Nonetheless, despite variations, consuming either of them will result in a premium quality experience.

Where do you buy cannabis flowers online?

As the markets diversify, online dispensaries are becoming more commonplace. Websites such as budexpressnow.ca is an example of an online cannabis dispensary.

These websites are all legal and are approved by the federal government. Reading customer reviews may help you purchase what kind of cannabis grade is right for you.

Buying cannabis at online dispensaries even allows your order to be delivered at your door depending on the services that the dispensary offers!

There are many weed grades and ratings and most of the time each kind of rating entails a specific experience parallel to the amount of money that you shell out for it.

Most often, if not, you as a user will purchase a specific cannabis flower online because of several factors such as availability, your budget, and the experience you want to get from consuming cannabis.

When all is said and done, the best rule to stand by is that it all depends on you!

What simply do you want to get out of smoking cannabis and what’s your taste and preference.

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