Cannabis To Try For Quarantine When Getting Bored

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Are you looking for cannabis to try for quarantine when getting bored? The COVID-19 pandemic had made a significant impact on our lives. To avoid contracting the virus, we had to follow specific guidelines. We have to practice social distancing, wear face masks, and stay at home. These events may give us anxiety and lower our mood.

Luckily, uplifting mood and combating stress and anxiety are some of the benefits of medical and recreational marijuana. In this article, we will discuss how cannabis can help you and what is the best cannabis to try for quarantine.

How can cannabis improve your mood?

Cannabis has been praised in Canada and many other countries for its health benefits. This includes improving the mental health of an individual. You might wonder how does this plant works. There are several claims by individuals regarding the fantastic benefits of this plant. Cannabis can alleviate depression and anxiety.

It can provide high levels of relaxation, happiness, and a feeling of euphoria. It can also enhance one’s mood and make them energized, creative, and productive.

Cannabis has active components known as cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two most known cannabinoids that affect brain activities.

CBD is a component derived from the hemp, a cousin of the marijuana plant. There are several products made from CBD that claims to offer a range of whole-body uses. This includes reducing pain and inflammation, boosting appetite, easing stress and anxiety, controlling seizures, and providing relaxation and gentle mood improvement. CBD works by connecting to the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is the one responsible for body functions such as mood, sensing pain, appetite, and many more.

THC is the component that produces the “high” feeling. It can completely sedate a user, make the body couch-locked, and make one sleepy. This occurs since THC increases dopamine, an important hormone involved with pleasure, motivation, and learning. The resulting high is then accompanied by intense feelings of happiness, relaxation, and euphoria, while dramatically enhancing one’s mood and appetite.

Cannabis to Try for Quarantine

West Coast Weeds offers a variety of cannabis and cannabis-infused products that you can enjoy. If you are bored at home and it severely affects your mood, this list covers the best cannabis to try for quarantine.

Purple Kush Shatter by Everest Extracts

These Indica edibles are graded AAAA. They provide a one-of-a-kind long-lasting euphoria and relaxation. Aside from uplifting your mood, this dominant strain can also promote healing, get rid of your pain and inflammation, and help you deal with stress and sleeplessness.

Maui Waui Shatter by Everest Extracts

It is a classic AAAA-graded Sativa edible. Its tropical flavours will surely take away all your stresses and make you feel that you are enjoying yourself on a beach in Hawaii. It is guaranteed to provide you with high levels of euphoria that will surely make your mind soar high and boost up your mood to the highest standards.

Lindsay Shatter by Everest Extracts

This award-winning AAAA graded Indica-dominant strain is a must-try. It is known for its powerful sedative effects that can put you couch-locked and high levels of euphoria can put you to sleep instantly.

Cherry Pie Shatter

This AAAA-graded Indica-dominant strain is known to help with a variety of mental health problems. This includes PTSD, anxiety, stress, and bipolar disorder. Its unique flowery and cherry aroma will surely take boost your mood and help with depression.

Mango Kush Shatter

This AAAA-graded hybrid strain has a robust flavour and aroma like a tropical fruit. It is known to help with insomnia and migraines. Upon consuming, it instantly gives off a healthy body euphoria that can increase your appetite and make you calm by eliminating your stresses.

Chocolate Kush

This is a dominant AAA-graded Indica strain that can give euphoria throughout the body. Its pungent chocolatey aroma can also help improve sleeplessness and appetite.

Gorilla Bomb

This AAAA-graded Indica strain has super sharp levels of THC that will give you relaxation. It gives you a powerful and deep euphoria with its enticing sweet and bitter chocolate flavour.


It is a Sativa-dominant strain with a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio. Its CBD concentration will surely give you a clear-headed buzz. It further gives you a slight feeling of euphoria that will not affect your attention. Many users claimed that their concentration is sharpened with its mango and citric scent.


It is one of the most popular CBD strains that is super relaxing. It is guaranteed that your mood will be elevated and your focus will be enhanced. Cannatonic is also used to help with migraines, mood swings, and spasms.

Harle Tsu

It is a rare strain with CBD levels of 18 to 22%. It is known to give high levels of relaxation by penetrating every pore in your body. It is also instrumental in enhancing focus and keep you motivated with its sweet and piney aroma and flavour.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Canada?

West Coast Weeds have been in the business for over 15 years. We are also known in advocating that every human being should have access to the medical benefits of marijuana. We are leading for a cause. We genuinely support the cannabis industry by giving a part of our sales to promote cannabis education and charity.

At West Coast Weeds, we ensure that all of our products are of top-notch quality. We do not settle for less. All of our products are carefully monitored and inspected only to give you the best varieties. Our website is user friendly.

You can easily have a tour of the products we are offering, and we are keen on giving the best customer experience and satisfaction.


Staying at home may be annoying. However, we must follow this guideline for our safety. If you are bored in quarantine and looking for something that can uplift your mood, West Coast Weeds has the products for you!

We have a fantastic list of cannabis to try for quarantine. Always remember to take things in moderation and avoid getting too high. We want to experience the positive effects that marijuana can give us.



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