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10 ways to buy weed online within your budget

The legal cannabis market has taken over North America. Buying weed is as easy as placing an order on Amazon. There are no shortage of options for those looking to stock up on their stash online. Here is where you’ll know all about the tried and tested ways to buy weed online without spending too […]

How to extend the life of cannabis – 10 smart hacks

Like any other organic herbal products, cannabis buds cannot last forever. Over time, the buds and trichomes dry out and lose their original potency, aroma and flavor. THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, degrades into CBN which is only mildly intoxicating and therefore has no recreational value. Proper storage is the key to ensure […]

Why cannabis edibles for kids can be a health hazard for the little ones

Cannabis laced cookies, candies, chocolates, gummies, or cakes are packed just like regular savories, which is why it might be really hard for your kid to distinguish them from the real ones. Now that weed can be bought and sold legally for both medical or recreational use in Canada and over half of the USA, […]

Planting cannabis and topping them for quality yield

planting cannabis

The study of horticulture has shown us the method of topping or pruning the top cola of a developed plant – a process that is held crucial to its growth and health. In general, a cannabis plant grows to be skinny and tall where all its strength is focused on the cola or stalk that […]

How To Smoke Shatter like a pro

how to smoke shatter

Do you want to know how to smoke shatter? Popularized in the 2010s through videos and images on Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat, shatter is one of the sought-after extracts of cannabis. Unlike other concentrates such as bubble meth hash, honey oil, and budder, shatter is one of the most photogenic and visually appealing cannabis extracts […]

Cannabis use for OUD treatment – latest studies and evidences

Cannabis use for OUD

In recent years, cannabis has been proven therapeutically beneficial for a number of medical conditions. Many doctors and healthcare professionals across the world are now prescribing medical marijuana for a range of symptoms or conditions including chronic pain, inflammation, epileptic seizures, appetite loss, depression, anxiety, stress, schizophrenia and PTSD. In addition to these,nowadays there is […]

Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Concentrates

types of cannabis concentrates

Consumption of marijuana is no longer limited to smoking buds or using cannabis oils. Nowadays, pot lovers are going crazy over different types of cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are loved by both recreational users as well as medical marijuana patients for their phenomenally high cannabinoid concentrations. They are used in a variety of edibles topicals, cosmetic […]

A comprehensive guide to the best cannabis strains for beginners

10 best cannabis strains for beginners

Before using cannabis for the first time you need to be a little careful with the strain you choose since a bad trip will make you swear never to try this magic herb again and a good trip, on the other hand, will open up a whole new world of pleasure and wellness to you. […]

A short guide on when to harvest cannabis

when to harvest cannabis

Growing cannabis can be very exciting and rewarding in spite of its challenges. It ensures a regular and more accessible supply of pot throughout the year. When cultivating your own weed in the home garden, it is very crucial to know when to harvest your crop. Harvest too soon and your cannabis won’t be strong […]

Best Temp For Vaping Weed That You Need To Know

Best temp for vaping weed

Do you know what is the best temp for vaping weed? Weed or cannabis is a mind-blowing drug that came from the plant of cannabis, which is mainly used for medical or recreational purposes. Weed, marijuana, or pot have different names, but they are the same drugs that came from the plant of cannabis. Marijuana […]

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