CBD edibles from Twisted Extracts for Health and Happiness

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If you are a fan of marijuana edibles, Twisted Extracts products will never disappoint you. The proud makers of the original Jelly Bomb gummies, the Canadian company brings to you a variety of consistently dosed cannabis edibles and confectionary for both recreational as well as therapeutic purposes. ‘Everything we do is to enrich the quality of life of our customer’, reads their website. A range of CBD-infused edibles made by the company can certainly help one to make their life a lot better or achieve general well-being. To know more about the various CBD products of Twisted Extracts, keep reading this article.

Benefits of CBD edibles

Various CBD or cannabidiol derivatives are becoming increasingly popular among marijuana users for their amazing medicinal properties. Chronic pains, inflammations, epileptic seizures, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety and other psychoses – CBD products are proved to be highly effective in treating a range of health and mental conditions. Some studies even claim that it has great potential in prohibiting the growth of cancer cells. Also, cannabidiol being a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD products almost never produce the cerebral high commonly associated with marijuana. It is for these reasons, many people all over the world prefer CBD products over other marijuana products and cannabinoid derivatives. Now, what is a more convenient way to consume CBD other than using the edibles? Available in a variety of forms, flavors and tastes, CBD edibles are completely discreet and absolutely delicious treats for everyone. The CBD content in the edibles works on our brain and body through the digestive system, making the effect slow and long-lasting. This is another reason why edibles are much preferred in the medicinal uses of CBD.

CBD edibles from Twisted Extracts

Established in 2015, Twisted Extracts specializes in making a variety of scrumptious edibles with high quality, lab-tested cannabis extracts. Whether sativa, indica, THC or CBD, the Twisted Extracts edibles are always infused with the different cannabinoid extracts. As the cannabinoids are not merely sprayed upon the edibles like many other cannabinoid products in the market, their effects are much more pronounced. The CBD-infused edibles made and marketed by the company are therefore great for recreational as well as various therapeutic purposes.

• Jelly Bombs

The Jelly Bombs gummies are undoubtedly the most popular products of Twisted Extracts. Along with sativa, indica and THC-infused, Jelly Bombs also come with the CBD-infused varieties. Sectioned into 8 blocks with each containing 10 mg of CBD, a Twisted Extract CBD Jelly Bomb is accurately and consistently dosed. Available in rich pineapple and peach flavors, they are sold in discreet, resealable plastic bags. The gummies are fully infused with 99.9% pure CBD isolate which makes them extremely helpful in combating various types of pains, inflammation and anxieties. They help you to unwind, relax and sleep better. For this reason, Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs can be very useful for PTSD patients. As they come in 8×10 mg blocks, it is very easy to dose yourself. Beginners are recommended to start with a single 10 mg block. Like all other cannabis edibles, Jelly Bombs take time to produce full effects. After taking a dose, you should wait for about 90 minutes before considering any additional dosage.

• CBD Oil Drops

Oil drops are one of the most popular CBD derivatives in the market. Twisted Extracts brings to you a range of premium quality cannabidiol oil drops that can be used in a variety of ways. Other than pure CBD extract, these oil drops have only one other ingredient – avocado oil. Twisted Extracts CBD oils are available in two dosings. The CBD 10 Dosing oil drops contain a total of 300 mg CBD per bottle with 10 mg CBD per 1mL dropper. There is also CBD 30 Dosing with each bottle containing 900 mg CBD (30 mg CBD per 1mL dropper). Always consistently and accurately dosed, these oil drops are perfect to mix with your foods, drinks, or use directly. Twisted Extracts uses a full spectrum CBD extract to make these oil drops. This means that a high level of entourage effect is guaranteed. Precisely for this reason, Twisted Extracts CBD oils are very useful in pain management, stress-relief, appetite boosting, motivation and mood elevation.

• Cara-Melts

Who doesn’t love caramels, especially when they come infused with our favorite marijuana extracts! Twisted Extracts’ Cara-Melts are one of the most unique cannabis edibles that you can find online or in your local pot stores. Each bag contains 8 chewy gourmet caramels that have a great creamy and buttery flavor. Each caramel slab in individually wrapped and has a consistent 10 mg dose of 99.9% pure CBD oil, the same used in the oil drops and jelly bombs manufactured by the company. Absolutely mouth-watering snacks, Cara-Melts present a highly reliable and efficient delivery system for CBD ingestion. Their high CBD contents help users to alleviate symptoms of pain, inflammation and other health conditions. With no psychotropic effect whatsoever, Twisted Extracts CBD-infused Cara-Melts are also very good to find relief from stress and anxieties. Like other CBD edibles of the company, they are also excellent sleep aids.

Premium quality CBD edibles

For those who use marijuana derivatives or edibles for therapeutic purposes, it can be quite difficult to regulate dosages. Many marijuana users complain about the lack of consistent doses in many edibles commonly sold in the market. You don’t have to worry about that in case of Twisted Extracts CBD-infused products. All of their products are meticulously and consistently dosed so that you can always experiment with the dosage. The company maintains a close supervision over the craft growers and the cannabinoid extraction processes so that a high standard of its products can be maintained. The edibles hit the market only after being duly tested and approved by a laboratory sanctioned under Health Canada.

However, you should always remember that CBD or any cannabinoid work differently on different people due to their unique health conditions, genetic makeup or mental states. Although Twisted Extracts CBD edibles have extremely low or almost no side-effects, you can always consult health experts or medical professionals before using them on a regular basis. Use them wisely and in a properly regulated manner, live a healthy and tension-free life!

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