Does weed make your eyes red?

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If you are wondering does weed make your eyes red? Then this article is for you! The use of marijuana has been prominent worldwide, may it be medicinal, leisure, or even spiritual. Known also as hash, grass, or pot, marijuana is consumed in various forms, may it be a rolled leaf, powdered form, or moved ball of flower and fruit, to even balms, oils, tinctures, and edibles. People, weed, and non-weed users usually ask why red eyes occur when smoking the drug. This has been a question that everyone wants but is too afraid to ask.

Does weed make your eyes red? Red eyes and weeds

After using such drugs, the guaranteed visual indicator that a person is fresh from a “pot session” is the classic bloodshot red-eye look.
There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the connection between red eyes and the use of weed. Several people blame it for the smoke in the air, which lingers around when using marijuana, resulting in do eye irritation. Others also attribute it to allergies, although this might be just a general allergy to smoke as some people also get red eyes when exposed to tobacco and even incense.

The main reason behind the currents of red ice after weed usage is the change in pressure. THC, chemically known as  tetrahydrocannabinol, is a crystalline compound that is the primary psychoactive endocannabinoid component in marijuana. Upon entering the body system, THC causes blood pressure to decrease. Afterward, the blood vessels and capillaries dilate, resulting in the expansion of the small blood vessels and an overall increase in blood flow. This, consequently, lowers the inner eye pressure. The increase in intraocular blood flow causes redness in the eyes.

This scientific explanation debunks the myth that weed can turn people blind. As early as the 1970s, the use of cannabis has been beneficial to glaucoma patients. To clarify, glaucoma, which results from the increased eye and retinal nerve pressure, is an eye condition that can ultimately lead to blindness. Exposed from minutes to hours, weed as an alternative treatment to glaucoma patients led to the discovery that cannabis can improve retinal damage. Marijuana’s compounds contain protective and antioxidant properties, which help restore retinal health and, at the same time, prevent the loss of vision.

How to get rid of red eyes

The red-eye effect after weed usage is not harmless at all, and it just shows that the chemical components of marijuana are working their wonders. However, red eyes do not garner a very welcome reaction, as weed usage still has some stigma attached to it. To get rid of red eyes, several ways can be used.

  • Eye drops: As one of the oldest tricks in the book, eye drops help constrict the blood vessels in the eyes within a few minutes. It also aids in reducing irritation and dryness in the visual organs. The most reliable eye drop, according to users, is Visine, which is also referred to as ‘stoner’s friend.’ One must exercise care to avoid overuse of eye drops, as it may have side effects on one’s vision when used excessively.
  • Water: One contributing factor to red eyes may be due to dehydration. Drinking water has been proven to help in overall health, and in this case, staying hydrated can help eliminate redness and dryness.
  • Low THC Strains: The intensity of redness may be according to the quality and quantity of the strain types of cannabis. To lower the red-eye effect, it is recommended to opt for strain types that have low levels of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Granddaddy Purple, Sun Berry, Lemon Tree, and Pennywise are recommended for beginners and occasional users.
  • Sunglasses: To some extent, sunglasses can help avoid irritation from further exposure to weed smoke, and it also protects the eyes from sunlight and harmful light rays. Sunglasses are also a capable apparatus to hide red eyes, and some people might suspect it as sore eyes or as a fashion style.
  • Cold compress: One of the go-to methods to get rid of red eyes is to utilize cold compress. A cold compress helps in soothing irritated eyes, reduce swelling, and lower blood flow. There are numerous instances of using cold compresses. One can utilize two cucumber slices or two green tea bags and rest on the eyes for 15 minutes. One can also use an ice pack or splash cold water in the face for at least 5 minutes.
  • Scheduled smoke sessions: May it be first-time users, occasional smokers, or experienced weed stoners, creating a concrete plan to conduct ‘pot parties’ can also reduce red eyes’ intensity. This planning can impact one’s tolerance and exposure to weed.
  • Ventilated areas: Good ventilation can also contribute to the intensity of eye redness. A spacious place with open windows helps in lesser smoke accumulation, which lessens the amount of smoke going towards the face.
  • Patience: When one is not in a hurry, he/she can wait it out and relax in that place. After 30 minutes, the redness in the eyes can go away. This also helps in regaining consciousness to avoid doing wild things, like doing weed and alcohol altogether.

Does weed make your eyes red? Are there any contributory factors?

Aside from the scientific workings that occur between weed usage and eye redness, there are also individual factors that need to be considered when talking about the relationship between the two situations.

  • Genetics: The genes in the body impacts everything, from biological makeup to lifestyle behavior. The chemical compositions inside one’s DNA can either show eyes as red as beet to no apparent reaction.
  • Type of strain: Cannabis can have its quality and quantity modified. In turn, the chemical, organic, and even artificial compounds vary among different brands and types of weed, which results in varying red-eye intensities.
  • Dehydration: It is essential to maintain a well-hydrated condition. Non-water hydration can result in red eyes, and the eyes turn even redder when one is dehydrated due to alcoholic beverages like beer, whiskey, and wine.
  • Experience/tolerance: Novice users who introduce one strand of THC will have very bright red eyes in their bodies. In comparison, frequent users and pot addicts can achieve pink-colored eyes to no reaction at all.


Does weed make your eyes red? Yes, red eyes are an inevitable and harmless occurrence after smoking marijuana, so one must not fret when one experiences it. Red eyes after smoking weed is an indication that grass will start to work its wonders. However, weed users’ stigma is one major factor that weed users are ashamed of having red eyes after smoking the drug.

To prevent red ice when smoking, one can invest in various readily available methods, such as eye drops, water hydration, cold compress, and even sunglasses. Experimenting with different THC strains may be useful to find out once ideal type up cannabis. However, it is recommended to try to stay conscious in well-ventilated areas in scheduled time frames and avoid mixing pot sessions when alcohol usage.

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