5 Best Marijuana Strains To Help Reduce Obesity [2020 Updates )

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Several scientific researches have corroborated the fact that in spite of the common phenomenon of craving for munchies after using cannabis, pot smokers tend to be slim and are less likely to gain weight. It is common knowledge that one of the immediate effects of using cannabis is an increase in appetite which might lead people to assume that cannabis consumption results in weight gain. However, recent epidemiological studies indicate that marijuana consumers are not at the risk of getting obese. People who consume cannabis on a regular basis have a lower BMI or Body Mass Index which is why they are much less likely to gain weight than non-users. To put it simply, cannabis can be an excellent obesity prevention measure when consumed regularly, a fact which prompts many Canadian users to hit the weed dispensary in search of the best marijuana strains for obesity.

Best marijuana strains for obesity:

• Northern Lights

Northern Lights which is a cross of two potent landrace strains- Thai sativa and Afghani indica, is one of the world’s most wanted indica strains which certainly deserves a place in any list of best marijuana strains for obesity. This award winning strain is well appreciated by patients, recreational users and growers and can be easily found in weed dispensaries all over North America. Being extremely potent, you just need to take 3 or 4 hits of this one for a very enjoyable high which is often accompanied by an intense desire to lie down and relax. One of the best parts about this strain is its relaxation-inducing capacity which is almost entirely devoid of any negative feeling or reaction. It should be a part of the stash of any weed connoisseur and is absolutely quintessential for a goodnight smoke especially in those times when you are feeling low. It offers a strong dose of THC (between 15% to 22%) and a few hits of NL is enough to produce full-blown effects which will place your body in a pleasurably numbing languid mode. Along with the body-melt, you will experience a keen sense of happiness and well-being and some experienced users also reported enhanced concentration and creativity. However, this strain is highly sedative and as such shouldn’t be used for smoking in the daytime.

• Cherry Pie

Just as the moniker suggests, this marijuana strain for obesity always offers a delectable smoking experience! One of the yummiest of all strains you’ll find in the market, Cherry Pie contains a THC percentage between 16%- 24% with very little traces of CBD. Although Cherry Pies are associated with loads of calories, this equally flavourful weed strain is a very effective agent for losing weight. The vibrant buds of Cherry Pie are coated with a rich white layer of trichomes which gives them a silvery sheen and highly resinous quality. This marijuana strain for obesity is said to be easy on the mind allowing you to stay clear headed without missing out on the euphoria. This strain can, therefore, be safely utilized for daytime use. The scent of Cherry Pie is a blend of pine and hashish with a mild fruity undertone.

• Platinum Kush

One of the best indica dominant strains available in the market, Platinum Kush is a resin heavy strain which is notable for its overpowering aroma. Platinum Kush will give you a thoroughly enjoyable body high along with just the right balance of a cerebral high. The THC content of this cannabis strain for obesity has been measured at 13% to 17%. If rightly cured, this strain smells extremely sweet with a borderline skunky smell. However, if you are smoking this one make sure to keep a bottle of water handy since it’s liable to induce a lot of coughing. Platinum Kush can take up to 15 minutes to hit properly and some users have reported a feeling of change in the sensory perception apart from the body-melt.

• Black Betty

Meant for the people who are social and outgoing, Black Betty will make you enjoy every moment of the high. Known for its potency, effects and superb flavor, this one is a favorite among Dutch smokers. Moreover, this strain is presently being studied for the determination of its capacity to treat symptoms of diabetes and help in weight reduction. It comes with 18%- 26% THC and 4% THCV which accounts for its energizing effects. This energy-boosting strain tastes just like sour diesel with a pungent musky hint. However, Black Betty will plunge your body in a state of inactivity as soon as the indica effect starts to kick in. The full-body relaxation provided by this strain makes it ideal for the treatment of inflammation, muscle spasms, cramps and joint pain. Furthermore, it can also help people suffering from depression, anxiety and paranoia. However, rookie users and people already suffering from anxiety or paranoia should go for some other strain. Know that Black Betty is going to leave you feeling heavy and drowsy so try to avoid it in the daytime.

• Jack the Ripper

This bold sativa strain which is named after the 19th century notorious serial killer from London is indeed a killer strain that is described by users as ‘racy and exhilarating’. When taken in ample quantity, this one can produce a remarkably high psychedelic effect which can even subdue the accompanying body high. Users have cited a strong sense of euphoria along with a considerable energy boost. When ingested in the form of cookies and brownies, it produces a stronger high which can be anxiety inducing at times.

All the above-mentioned cannabis strains for obesity are by no means the only strains that can help you with weight loss, but just some of the most celebrated ones. Stocking up on healthy munchies and getting rid of all those sugary stuff can indeed make your weight loss plan even more effective! All you need to do is visit your local cannabis store and complement your cannabis use with a bit of workout.

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