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Everest Shatter White Widow buds are chunky and somewhat conical and tapered. The bud structure of the flowers are more sativa than indica, with a loose and fluffy texture that can be busted up some what with ease despite its stickiness. The leaves are spring green with few visible pistils and sparkling hairs.

When grown properly and successfully, the buds are entirely covered in long-stalked trichomes, lending the whitish-gray appearance that gives the strain its memorable name. Everest Shatter White Widow is known for having a stinging, ammonia-like scent with some hints of earthy pine notes. Breaking buds open gives off a much more hashy, incense-like aroma. The smooth smoke tastes very earthy — smokers accustomed to fruity or tasty crossbreeds may be disappointed by White Widow’s relative lack of taste. That said, White Widow is especially pungent when combusted, so smokers worried about discretion should plan accordingly.


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