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Why Cannabis Affects To People The Way It Does


What are the cannabis effects to people? Read on to know more about these effects and how to manage them. Cannabis consists of more than 100 chemical components called “cannabinoids” that include THC and CBD, which get the most of the attention. These two cannabinoids give a variety of benefits that affect both body and […]

Medical Marijuana: How It Affects Your Immune System

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is one of the most popular ways of using cannabis along with recreational marijuana. However, what gets the most scrutiny by researchers is its potential to alleviate symptoms of some medical disorders like PTSD, anxiety, sink, chronic pain conditions, cancer, and a lot more. However, the findings of several researches are often mixed […]

5 Best Marijuana Strains To Help Reduce Obesity [2020 Updates )

Marijuana Strains for Obesity

Several scientific researches have corroborated the fact that in spite of the common phenomenon of craving for munchies after using cannabis, pot smokers tend to be slim and are less likely to gain weight. It is common knowledge that one of the immediate effects of using cannabis is an increase in appetite which might lead […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana Strains | 2020 Updated

marijuana strains

Visiting a legal marijuana dispensary for the first time and encountering a plethora of different strains, all grandiosely named, can be quite confusing as well as intimidating. Scientifically speaking, marijuana strains are different breeds or varieties of the three different species of the plant genus Cannabis. Not all cannabis is the same in effect, aroma […]

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