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CBD Products from West Coast Weeds: Is It Worth a Shot?

Buy CBD products online

With the introduction of legal cannabis in Canada last June 2018, cannabis use has steadily been on the rise as per news reports. Cannabis is an interesting plant as it contains a multitude of biological compounds. The most famous are terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes are mostly responsible for the distinctive aroma and scent of cannabis […]

How to buy CBD flower online? Buying cannabis in Canada

Buy CBD Flower Online

You can save a lot of time when you buy CBD flowers online. This article discusses how to choose cannabis flowers, their benefits, how to buy them and much more. Cannabis flowers and buds are the two most consumed parts of cannabis. It is where most of the terpenes and cannabinoids can be mostly found, […]

Hybrid Strains – The Best Marijuana to Use for 2020

Marijuana Hybrid Strain

Thousands of different marijuana hybrid strains with unique names such as Jilly Bean, White Widow, Dutch Retreat, Blue Dream and others are currently dominating the global marijuana market. Due to their varied genetic makeups, different hybrid cannabis strains give you very different effects. They also look and smell quite different from each other. You can […]

Top 10 of High CBD Strains of 2020

high cbd strains of 2020

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 high CBD cannabis strains of 2020. You might have heard or have read the words CBD and THC in the news or from your friends. But what do they stand for? Before we take a look at the strains, let us first explain a […]

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