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Marijuana as Medicine: What Are The Facts?

marijuana as medicine

Marijuana as medicine has been long proposed by casual users and medical professionals alike. They are commonly touted as viable alternatives to prescription medicines because of their possible therapeutic potential that can be seen through anecdotal evidence and even concrete research. Several studies in recent years have been conducted due to the legalization of marijuana […]

Medical Marijuana: How It Affects Your Immune System

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is one of the most popular ways of using cannabis along with recreational marijuana. However, what gets the most scrutiny by researchers is its potential to alleviate symptoms of some medical disorders like PTSD, anxiety, sink, chronic pain conditions, cancer, and a lot more. However, the findings of several researches are often mixed […]

Which strains have more THC, sativa or indica? Are sativa strains always THC dominant?

cannabis strains

Have you ever wondered why marijuana produces a cerebral high or a sense of euphoria? Putting it simply, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, a psychoactive compound present in the cannabis plants, is the main reason behind it. Among hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes found in marijuana, THC is undoubtedly the main mind-altering component. All the different species […]

What is the Difference between Medical Cannabis & Marijuana?

Medical Cannabis

Over the past few decades, the ever-increasing use of medical marijuana has contributed greatly to the growth in cannabis consumption across the world, especially in the North Americas and Europe. As per a 2019 estimate, there are currently more than 360 thousand registered medical cannabis patients in Canada. Doctors and healthcare professionals nowadays prescribe and […]

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