Buy Weed Online in Canada: 10 Websites To Choose From

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Want to know where you can buy weed online in Canada? This article talks about websites that sell marijuana online in Canada, where you can choose the best, from quality to cost.

This article talks about websites like West Coast Weeds, where you can buy weed online and find out more about each strain so that you can choose whichever suits you.

These online weed shops give a wide range of weed affordability. They also provide cheap and sometimes expensive yet legit products of weed.

What is weed?

Weeds are plants considered to be undesirable, or you can say a plant that grows in the wrong place. But as we all know, weeds in the form of cannabis are considered beneficial to some as it serves as medicine and is mostly used to relax someone’s mind, It can also used as a pain reliever.

Buy Weed Online in Canada: Recommended Weed Websites

In Canada, cannabis is used to relieve pain, but it is somehow not sufficient enough to relieve extreme pain caused by surgery.

Marijuana is used for its psychoactive effects and may also be used for medical purposes.

One of the online stores where you can buy weed online is West Coast Weeds. You can find them at

They have made ordering online easy in one click. They provide free shipping and rest assured that the quality is 100% at affordable prices, which usually range from $13 to $154.

They do not only sell weeds and get profit out of them but once you purchase their products, some portion of their sales go to charitable institutions like Cannabis Education.

This is why they are considered as one of the top stores in Canada. They have been in the industry for about 15 years and are advocates for the accessibility of weed as medical marijuana.

They make sure that their clients do not violate laws like selling weed online to minors, as they check once a client browses their website. West Coast Weeds makes sure their clients are of legal age.

So why choose West Coast Weeds? Simple.

They do not settle for less. They have a user-friendly interface for customers, and they provide the best customer service.

What are other websites where you can buy weeds online?

Aside from West Coast Weeds, here are also some websites where you can buy weed online.

1. the Speedgreens.

SpeedGreens plan to bring their clients quality products at the most affordable prices. They offer an easy to use interface where customers are just a couple of clicks from the ensured purchase of the best marijuana items right to the front of your doorstep.

2.‎ The Green Ace

The Green ace Org offers the broadest range of marijuana strains in the online market that suits everyone’s needs. For people who avoid the side effects of marijuana, you can buy from here, but their price range is just like SpeedGreens.

3. or the Canada Online Store.

The Canada Online Store has a wide variety of weed, but their products are more pricier than that of West Coasts Weeds. They only have free shipping if you order weed at 149 dollars or more, which makes West Coast Weeds more affordable than the Canada Online Store.

4. or the Smokeys Lounge

The Smokeys Lounge has products that are more pricey than that of West Coast Weeds and the Canada Online Store as they only offer free shipping if you purchase weed at 250 dollars or more. Nevertheless, they offer a 15 dollar off for a first time client.

5. or the Cannabismo Online Marijuana Dispensary Canada

The Cannabismo Online Marijuana Dispensary Canada guarantees a smell-proof delivery, and they also have quality products. The downside of this store is that they only process your purchase a day after your order. Registration is free.

6. or the Buy Weed Online Green Society

Like the Canada Online Store, the Buy Weed Online Green Society only provides free shipping offers if you purchase weed from them at 149 dollars or more.

5. or the Buy Weed Online at BudExpressNOW

The Buy Weed Online at BudExpressNOW online store is way more pricey than all the others mentioned in this article, as their prices range from 35 dollars to 575 dollars.

6. or the Online Dispensary Canada

Online Dispensary Canada offers a splash sale, which is 10 percent off on selective flowers but their products may also be expensive. Prices range from 18 dollars to 800 dollars.

7. or the Buy Weed Online at getting Kush

Buy Weed Online at getting Kush is also expensive, but they provide quality products, like West Coast Weeds.

8. or the Weed List Online

The Weeds List Online also provides quality weeds online and delivers around the world.

9. or the Buy Best Pot Online Weed Store

Buy the Best Pot Online Weed Store has products that are way cheaper than the others, but it delivers only two to three days after purchase.


In buying weeds online, many things should be considered. First is the authenticity of the seller. Next is that the seller should have the best quality weed products.

Another things is the affordability of products, as some stores sell marijuana at a low price but their products are not authentic. Also, those who sell at costly rates may not have the best quality products.

Lastly, a user-friendly interface and legal-age use websites pave the way towards a smooth ordering online.

West Coast Weeds is an online dispensary that provides free shipping at any price. Their site also has a legal-age disclaimer and has a user-friendly interface that leads to a no-hassle online ordering.

The company ensures that there is excellent customer satisfaction in the part of the buyer. You can see the history of an online store by reading its reviews.

To know whether the company offers good customer service, you should check the reviews from past customers. These people will say whether they are satisfied with the products bought or not on their reviews.

Medical marijuana is becoming more popular nowadays and is being used for medical purposes.
Soon, it will be widely used in any part of the world once it is legalized and once people know more about its medical benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now at West Coast Weeds!

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