Why Online Cannabis Dispensaries Are Flourishing amidst Marijuana Legalization  

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An influx of cannabis-themed coffee shops and infused edibles was to be expected as the legalization of cannabis spread across the world, but the development and exponential growth of the online market have been more of a surprise.  The lack of this element in pre-existing models of cannabis regulation, seen in The Netherlands and Portugal for example, is probably why mail order cannabis dispensaries are seen as such a phenomenon right now.  It’s certainly new, to be able to buy your weed online like you’d buy your groceries during a busy week of work, and perhaps a little exciting too.  But there are more reasons than novelty alone to support the rising success of online cannabis dispensaries – find out below why increasing numbers of people are turning to buying their cannabis via mail order.

Lower Prices

As with any business, running operations from rented premises immediately adds overhead costs to the venture, and these costs need to be made up through sales of produce and/or services.  Running a business online means that a lot of these costs are reduced, leading to lower prices in the online store.  Staffing, cleaning and general maintenance costs are all drastically reduced in online business, leaving more availability for tempting offers and exciting deals.  Affordability is important for a lot of cannabis users, many of whom consume the plant for therapeutic purposes and don’t wish to spend excessive amounts chasing flavours but need specific strains which address their personal problems.  With online prices per gram averaging at around $4 cheaper than store prices, those looking to support higher usage levels are benefiting greatly from online cannabis shopping.

Buying in Bulk

Walk-in dispensaries rarely offer bulk buy discounts due to their higher running costs, and other limitations such as legal possession allowances, which can vary between countries, states and provinces.  Online dispensaries can afford to offer large discounts on bulk purchases, with costs going as low as three dollars per gram in some areas.  This is useful for those who want to process larger amounts of flower, to make oils which can then be turned into capsules, tinctures, lotions and salves as well as infused into edible treats.  Bulk buying is one of the major draws to online dispensary custom, with huge discounts leading to improvements in the quality of life in general for patients and recreational users alike.

Community Profits

Online dispensary start-ups are appearing everywhere, and this big influx of competition is not only good for lowering prices, but also for localizing the profits of the businesses benefiting from the legalization of cannabis. Activists around the world are fighting for the decriminalization process to be one which involves those at the bottom of the economic ladder as well as those at the top, and online dispensaries could be seen as one means to achieve this.    They avoid many of the costs which can put cannabis-related business ventures out of reach for some hopeful entrepreneurs, making it a more accessible career route for those down the lower end of the financial spectrum.


 As more research is conducted into the benefits and behaviours of the different compounds which make up the cannabis plant, people are becoming more aware of the various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids which react with each other and cause the ‘high’ associated with cannabis, and also the medical and therapeutic benefits too.  Online dispensaries often offer a significantly larger selection to choose from, allowing consumers to select the strain which is right for them.  Different strengths of THC, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids will give different effects and treat different maladies and afflictions, and online cannabis shopping allows far more choice with regard to getting a strain tailored to your needs or wishes.


It’s important to remember that wherever you are, your local government may have slightly different expectations or requirements regarding the legalization of cannabis.  Online cannabis dispensaries do not only stock your regular packaged bud seen in the average walk-in dispensary but often include a wide range of shatters, oils, waxes and other extracts for use in vaping, cooking and the production of medicines.  These extracts are usually far more potent than basic flower and can be used to fight a vast array of different conditions, or to provide an exceptionally chilled night of recreation, depending on your own reasons for consumption.  As a result of their potency, regulations surrounding them tend to be tighter and take longer to loosen in the legalization process, often leaving them off the shelves in walk-in dispensaries, and therefore inaccessible to those outside of the internet.  This is another reason that the online market is currently flourishing.

Online Cannabis Dispensaries – Find Out More

One of the best things about buying online is that you have the world’s encyclopedia at your fingertips as you purchase, meaning that if you see a strain that’s unfamiliar, you can quickly search it and its properties, almost instantaneously educating yourself on whether or not that strain is right for you and your needs.  Simultaneous research is incredibly useful when seeking out strains specific to medical conditions, such as those which best reduce seizures, and those which affect the appetite.  Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to be faced with a menu of different exotic titles but little other information, and in a crowded dispensary anxiety can build and bring you unnecessary stress.  Buying online allows you to check the strains in the comfort of your own home, if you so wish, giving you the time you need to educate yourself without the pressure of other people waiting in line behind you.

It Doesn’t Matter If It’s Raining

If the weather outside (or inside, for that matter) is foul, then you can still purchase your cannabis from an online dispensary.  Many people use cannabis as a means to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and are used to treat physical conditions such as Parkinson’s and epilepsy. Mail order dispensaries make it possible for people to ensure that mental and physical health problems do not stop them from being able to access oils, flowers or other products which relieve and reduce their symptoms.


The stigma attached to cannabis consumption is reducing as more governments relax laws and regulations surrounding the plant, however, it cannot be denied that some of that stigma still remains.  If you want to maintain an element of secrecy to your consumption of cannabis, then online dispensaries are the best option by far.  Packaging is discreet, and there is no opportunity for your boss, or your mother in law, to see you entering a walk-in dispensary in your town centre.  In fact, provided you collect your own mail and remove your internet browser history, nobody need know about your purchase and consumption other than yourself!

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